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Hair Relaxers Lawsuit

In October 2022, The Journal of the National Institute of Cancer published a shocking study regarding the potential link between hair relaxers and cancer. They discovered that certain products could contain potentially hazardous chemicals with cancer-causing or endocrine-disrupting effects. A Missouri woman filed suit against L’Oreal and other hair straightening companies, alleging exposure to chemicals caused her uterine cancer. Similarly, lawsuits have been filed in California and New York against potentially defective manufacturers; attorneys representing these claimants anticipate more people will join these legal actions against these potentially defective manufacturers.

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Richardson Law Firm P.C.

16 years in practice
Hair Relaxers Lawsuit, Mass Tort, Personal Injury, Rideshare Lawsuits, Tepezza Lawsuit
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Craig A. Davis, APLC

30 years in practice
Animal Bites, Auto Accidents, Bad Faith Insurance, Bicycle Accidents, Birth Injury
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News and Updates on Hair relaxers and Cancer Lawsuits

On March 1, 2023, a Chicago court consolidates numerous hair product lawsuits. One of the lawsuits included L’Oreal products as one of the relaxers sold to African American clients.

- On February 19th, 2023, a US Judicial Panel Order regarding Multidistrict Litigation announced that nearly 60 lawsuits alleging hair relaxer products sold by L’Oreal and other companies caused cancer will now be consolidated in Chicago Federal Court.
- On February 1, 2023, the research provided new insight into chemical hair relaxers and skin lighteners.
- January 1, 2023 - Hair relaxers: Can They Increase Uterine Cancer Risks?
Endometrial cancer, also known as uterine cancer, is an uncommon disorder with a 3% probability for most women. Each year in the United States alone, 65,000 cases of this disorder are diagnosed. Recent research suggests that hair straightening products could potentially increase one’s chance of getting diagnosed.
- On December 1, 2022, both were diagnosed with uterine tumors and cancers. As a result, they are now suing the manufacturers of chemical hair relaxers.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences released a report in the Journal of the National Institute of Cancer that linked hair product cancer to these devices. While it’s possible that this new study was the impetus behind recent relaxer lawsuits filed in the fall of 2022, it should be remembered that other studies have also linked cancer with these items; an International Journal of Cancer study in 2020 linked hair dyes and relaxers to breast carcinoma. These developments have reignited interest in hair relaxer lawsuits; lawyers are now calling on others to speak up if they feel affected by them.

Media reports on the recent hair relaxer lawsuits have highlighted lawyers’ assertion that race was a factor. Research shows women of color tend to use these devices more often, and those who participated in NIEHS hair product research had higher cancer rates.

Lawyers assert there are no barriers based on race, gender, or ethnicity for anyone looking into filing a hair relaxer lawsuit or cancer claims. To determine if you qualify for these claims and others related to hair relaxers, reach out to an experienced attorney who specializes in this area of law.
Hair Relaxers LawsuitHair Relaxers Lawsuit

Potentially Harmful Hair Relaxer Brands

Here are a few brands of chemical hair relaxers that may be problematic:

- L’Oreal
- TCB Naturals
- Strength of Nature Global LLC Soft & - Beautiful
- Olive Oil Girls
- Namaste
- Motions
- Just For Me
- Both Dark and Lovely
Potentially Harmful Hair Relaxer BrandsPotentially Harmful Hair Relaxer Brands

L’Oreal relaxers Breast Cancer

Do L’Oreal hair relaxers cause breast cancer? While we don’t have definitive answers, L’Oreal has been named as a defendant in at least one lawsuit regarding potential risks from these devices.
L’Oreal relaxers Breast CancerL’Oreal relaxers Breast Cancer

Remington Relaxer Cancer Warning

Rumors abound in both traditional media and social media regarding whether Remington hair relaxers cause cancer. While Remington is a well-known manufacturer of chemical relaxers, it remains uncertain if they will be named as a defendant in any upcoming lawsuits.
Remington Relaxer Cancer WarningRemington Relaxer Cancer Warning

GHD relaxer Breast Cancer GHD relaxer Brust Cancer

GHD (Good Hair Day), another well-known manufacturer of hair relaxers, has not been named in any lawsuits like Remington yet; however, this could change as more information becomes available.
GHD relaxer Breast Cancer GHD relaxer Brust CancerGHD relaxer Breast Cancer GHD relaxer Brust Cancer

Hair Relaxer Side Effects

Hair relaxers also referred to as hair relaxers, are used to straighten curly hair. As with any chemical product, however, there may be side effects from using them; these could include:

- Scalp irritation may include redness, itching, and burning
- Dry and brittle hair
- Hair damage like split ends or breakage
- Hair loss
- Hair texture changes, such as dry or limp hair texture can occur if you use a relaxer too strong for your type of hair

If you experience any adverse effects while using a relaxer, consult with your healthcare professional immediately.
Hair Relaxer Side EffectsHair Relaxer Side Effects

Hair relaxer Cancer Warning and Recalls

What is being done to safeguard those who use hair relaxers? The Food and Drug Administration is the government agency responsible for overseeing recalls of such items, and they have issued numerous warnings about hair care products in the past. Recently, however, they focused on cautioning users about formaldehyde-releasing relaxers which have been classified as Group 1 carcinogens that can cause cancer in humans. While no specific recalls have yet been issued by the FDA regarding specific hair relaxer models, they have contacted manufacturers to alert them of safety concerns.
Hair relaxer Cancer Warning and RecallsHair relaxer Cancer Warning and Recalls

Hair Relaxers Can Cause Types Of Cancer

What types of cancers are linked to hair relaxer use? Studies have revealed that women who use hair relaxers, particularly for extended periods, are more likely to develop ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and uterine cancer. NIEHS research revealed only 4% of those who used hair relaxer products had developed uterine cancer before age 70 while those without prior exposure had a 1.6% risk. While this list is not exhaustive, other studies may show an association between hair relaxer usage and other cancers as well.
Hair Relaxers Can Cause Types Of CancerHair Relaxers Can Cause Types Of Cancer

Hair straightening poses health risks

Many studies have demonstrated that hair relaxers may increase the risk of cancer, particularly among those who use them frequently. Studies have revealed certain chemicals found in relaxers have been linked to cancer and women who have used them regularly are at greater risk for developing certain types of tumors. Individual users may experience other side effects from using hair relaxers; for more information, contact their manufacturer or healthcare professional.

Hair relaxers and Cancer Lawsuit Payout

In the case of Jenny Mitchell (a Missouri woman who brought a lawsuit against L’Oreal and other hair relaxer manufacturers), Mitchell’s lawyers are seeking $75,000 in damages. But this is just one case; many more could potentially bring claims. Additionally, what evidence was discovered during these lawsuits about how much the companies knew about potential hazards associated with using hair relaxers will determine how much compensation is awarded.

Hair relaxers and Cancer Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

Companies selling hair relaxers could potentially reach a settlement with claimants seeking compensation. If major brands such as Remington or L’Oreal have evidence of negligence or wrongdoing, they might decide it’s more practical to settle outside court. Negotiations between claimants and lawyers for hair relaxer corporations would lead to an amount settled. For now, though, law firms are working hard to bring more claimants into the proceedings so their stories can be heard and used against hair relaxer corporations in court.

Hair Relaxers and Cancer Lawsuit: Sign Up

Law firms representing victims of hair relaxer-induced cancer are encouraging more people to come forward if they believe their lives have been adversely affected by these products. Lawyers are looking for confirmation from individuals with certain cancers such as breast, ovarian, and uterine who have used hair relaxer products over a prolonged period. Fill out our free evaluation form to see if you qualify; then, we can connect you with an experienced personal injury attorney who can assist you in beginning your journey toward justice.
Hair Relaxers and Cancer Lawsuit: Sign UpHair Relaxers and Cancer Lawsuit: Sign Up

Does the Hair relaxers and Cancer Lawsuit Fit into a Mass Tort Arrangement or Class Action Settlement?

At present, there are a collection of individual cases against hair relaxer makers. As more individuals join these lawsuits, more cases could be consolidated. Class action lawsuits are reserved for claimants with similar grievances and usually focus on consumer issues like faulty products and misleading marketing. Due to the complexity and potentially serious injury claims from hair relaxers, mass tort litigation may be more appropriate; cases are grouped together for efficiency and creating legal precedent; however, unlike class actions each claimant is treated individually when awarding settlements.


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Hair Relaxers Lawsuit Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Hair relaxers Cause Cancer?

Numerous studies have documented a potential connection between hair relaxers and cancer, especially breast and ovary cancers.

2. Does Japanese straightening cause cancer?

Experts are concerned about certain hair straightening methods, particularly Japanese straightening techniques. It’s essential to remember that these treatments can vary greatly.

3. Does Keratin hair straightening cause cancer?

Keratin, a naturally occurring protein, does not cause cancer. However, some keratin-based hair treatment products may contain other potentially hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde which has been known to cause cancer.

4. Does straightening hair cause harm to the hair?

Studies have demonstrated a strong link between cancer rates, long-term hair relaxer use, and hair color.

5. Can You Rely on Hair relaxers Every Day?

Studies have indicated that hair relaxers may be more at risk for cancer than those who don’t use them regularly. Unfortunately, the products and treatments available can differ, so don’t panic if you’re uncertain. Consult your doctor if you have any doubts.

6. Keratin: Could It Lead To Cancer?

Keratin is an organic compound found in hair, nails, and skin. Unfortunately, some 

keratin-infused products used for hair care may contain carcinogenic chemicals that should never be exposed to your scalp.

7. What chemicals are employed in hair relaxers?

Hair straightening methods vary, and each one may use chemicals or release them as an unintended side effect. Hair relaxer lawsuits against companies for cancer raise the potential link between hair straightening, the release of hormone-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), and potential carcinogenic outcomes.

8. What potential negative reactions could straightening my hair have?

Hair straightening can have more cosmetic than health benefits. Studies have demonstrated that women who use chemical hair relaxers regularly have an increased likelihood of developing cancers (breast/uterine cancer, as well as ovarian).

9. How can I straighten my hair without damaging it?

Yes, some hair relaxers may be safe to use. There are numerous cosmetic and natural hair treatments available; consult your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

10. How can I naturally straighten my hair?

Many online tips and suggestions exist for naturally straightening hair. Before trying any treatment, consult a professional at a salon to make sure it’s safe for you.

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