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Rideshare Lawsuits

Rideshare companies, which have made millions of people's lives easier by changing the way they travel around cities and towns, have been able to change our thinking almost overnight. These companies are the pioneers in ride-hailing or ridesharing apps. They have changed the way people think about taxis and introduced new business models that offer a better, more efficient, and less expensive deal for customers. The benefits of ride-hailing are great, but there are concerns about safety for passengers.

Concerns have been raised about the number of sexual assaults that passengers are sustaining. Uber's long-awaited safety reports in 2019 revealed that almost 6,000 sexual assault cases were reported by passengers and drivers between 2017-2018. These figures only pertain to Uber in the United States. Rideshare companies are available all over the globe. Many other companies, such as Ola (India/Australia), and Didi (China), also have issues with drivers attacking passengers.

There are many ridesharing companies around the globe, but what ties them together regarding sexual and physical assault is that they are occurring - and victims, authorities, and campaign groups are not satisfied with the response. Today, survivors of sexual assaults resulting from ridesharing are taking a stronger stance and fighting back against companies such as Rideshare companies. There have been hundreds of lawsuits against these companies. Specialist Uber assault law offices are asking for more victims to come forward to seek justice and compensation if they were assaulted while riding in a rideshare vehicle.

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Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Sexual assaults are often not reported. A 2016 study by the DOJ revealed that nearly four out of five rapes or sexual assaults go undetected to law enforcement. Even though ridesharing companies have been encouraged to release information about assaults, many Uber passengers have likely experienced sexual misconduct but failed to come forward. Ridershare sexual assault attorneys urge survivors to come forward so they can receive justice.
Uber Sexual Assault LawsuitUber Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Uber Sexual Harassment

Critics have long held that Uber's hiring policy, inadequate driver training and ineffective oversight were doomed to failure. Uber claims its vetting process has been rigorous; however, critics contend it does not do enough for drivers' proper training or accountability for misconduct. Women are now more likely to report cases of sexual harassment on social media than ever before - including at the top where 20 employees were terminated in 2017 due to an unhealthy work environment containing hundreds of claims of sexual harassment.

Rideshare Sexual Assault Types

Sexual assault can encompass a range of criminal acts. Here are some examples of sexual assaults committed by rideshare riders:

- Nonconsensual touching or touching parts of the sexual body such as vagina, breasts and penis.
- Additionally, nonsexual body parts may also be touched without consent.
- Nonconsensual kissing of nonsexual body parts
- Nonconsensual penetration.
- Attempted nonconsensual penetration.
- Force someone to engage in sexual acts such as oral sex.
- Drug-facilitated sexual assault, also referred to as performing a sexual act after deliberate incapacitation or death of someone.
- Any act of sexual activity which involves someone under legal age as determined by the state.

This list is by no means comprehensive; it does not cover other acts that could be classified as sexual crimes, such as indecent exposure and harassment, distribution of pornographic material, etc. RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network), a campaign group, emphasizes that consent varies depending on where it occurs and under what circumstances. When people feel pressured into agreeing to something they are sexually assaulted may take place.
How many sexual assaults have Uber been associated with?How many sexual assaults have Uber been associated with?

Uber Physical Assault Lawsuits

On rideshare trips, some assaults aren't sexual. It's an all too common occurrence for passengers and drivers to experience physical violence. According to a 2020 survey of Uber drivers, 53% felt the company should do more to safeguard drivers' safety. Alarmingly, 22% of Uber drivers feel the need to carry a weapon while on duty. Passenger safety is also put at risk; in 2019, Seattle resident Brian Gorme sued Uber for negligence regarding the hiring of Sharif Soajima (AKA Timothy Clark). After a 2017 Uber ride, Soajima, who was convicted of assault and armed theft, attacked Gorme in his abdomen. If anyone has been physically assaulted during an Uber ride, they should contact an Uber assault lawyer to determine if they qualify for compensation.

Uber History

In 2009, Uber revolutionized urban transport when it launched their ride-hailing app to enable drivers to pick up and drop off passengers as if they were taxi drivers. While many praised Uber's model as being smarter and more efficient than traditional transportation models, there have been detractors. Many criticized its system of using independent contractors rather than employees as an attempt to circumvent certain employment rights. Furthermore, some questioned if this model allowed it to avoid accountability for driver actions such as assault when it comes to passenger safety.

Uber has grown into a global corporation over the last dozen years, offering more than just ridesharing services. It also provides logistics, food delivery and courier solutions. With 71% market share in ridesharing in America despite competition from Lyft and other similar businesses, Uber continues to remain dominant. Uber's growth has come with much criticism and scrutiny of the company, leading to some campaigners believing Uber to be lacking in certain areas such as workplace culture and driver rights. Not everyone believes this to be true - evidenced by numerous Uber sexual assault lawsuits. They don't just advocate for justice and compensation for victims of sexual assault; they want to guarantee that one of the world's most influential brands takes responsibility and makes necessary changes so millions more passengers remain safe in the future.

Uber Driver Background Checks

Uber conducts background checks before hiring drivers. This includes checking the driver's identity and reviewing their license status. Uber has been conducting "continuous" background checks of its drivers since 2018, with any serious convictions (including sexual abuse) leading to disqualification.
Uber's current background-checking policy had been heavily criticized for years. An investigation in 2018 revealed that Uber was transporting thousands of felons, with Talal Chammout being one of them. A simple internet search could have revealed all this information about Chammout; yet he was nonetheless hired by the company three months later and committed sexual assault against a female passenger - for which he is currently serving 25 years imprisonment.

Uber Safety Report

In 2019, Uber released its long-awaited safety document which detailed their operations from 2017-2018. There were thousands of reports about sexual assaults against passengers and drivers with few exceptions, prompting criticism that Uber hadn't done enough to ensure safe travel for both. Uber countered that sexual assaults represented only a tiny percentage of its trips (data spanned over three billion trips). Despite this setback, they agreed to new policies such as training drivers in sexual misconduct and creating a partnership between RAINN and Uber to provide a hotline for survivors - both implemented in 2020.

What Kind of Lawsuit Is Being Filed Against Uber?

Uber's sexual assault lawsuit is still in its early stages. While thousands have filed cases in court already, many more remain unresolved. With luck, more Uber victims can come forward and receive justice.

Uber lawsuits are distinct from class-action suits, which involve multiple people having the same grievance against a company or individual. Every Uber sexual assault case is unique and represents an extremely serious offense.

The facts of a case will determine what compensation is due to survivors. This can be done through mass tort lawsuits, where plaintiffs bring individual lawsuits against defendants (in this instance, Uber). These cases are linked in court with lawyers sharing evidence and other details as needed. This allows Uber lawsuits to be handled more quickly in courts than if they were heard individually by judges.

Uber Lawsuit Compensation

Uber is a relatively young company that has been paying out compensation claims to employees and passengers alike since 2016. By 2016, it had already paid out $161 million in various lawsuits. In one class-action lawsuit for sexual harassment alone, it paid its employees $1.9 million.

What individual payouts may be in cases of rideshare assault vary based on several factors. According to some law firms, victims who meet certain criteria for sexual assault could receive up to $100,000 if their case is successful. Uber lawsuit payouts can reach millions depending on the severity of an assault.

Uber Settlements & Payouts

Before 2018, Uber often settled sexual assault cases out of court. After reaching an agreement with the claimant, they agreed to pay a certain amount without going through trial. Unfortunately, this amount is often not disclosed - such as when two California women sued Uber after being sexually assaulted in 2016 by Uber drivers.

Uber has made it possible for passengers and drivers to bring sexual assault cases to open court since 2018. While individual cases may still be settled individually, Uber's policy appears to have changed in 2018 allowing both parties to pursue these claims in open court.

Lyft Lawsuit Settlement

Uber is the leader in ridesharing, but Lyft has a significant market share. Unfortunately, Lyft is facing its own sexual assault lawsuits from mostly female passengers that have marred its "Good Guy" image. With operations dating back to 2012, any individual who has suffered sexual assault while riding Lyft should consult with an experienced rideshare assault lawyer to assess your rights for compensation.
Lyft Sexual Assault LawsuitLyft Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Tips for Ridesharing Safety

Unmarked vehicles refer to commonplace cars without company branding and signs, which is one of the issues with ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft. Anyone can pretend to drive one of these services - Samantha Josephson was recently mistaken for an Uber driver who mistook her car for his own. To make sure the vehicle you receive matches your booking reference (license plate, make, model), check its license plate against those listed in Uber's safety tips; additionally they provide additional tips like these:

- Reduce the time you wait outside for your driver by using an app that helps you see when they are nearby.
- If you are uncertain of the identity of a driver, ask them to confirm it. If they don't confirm your identity, assume they are fake and don't allow yourself to get in the vehicle.
- Always wear your seatbelt and sit in the back.
- Share your details with family and friends for added assurance.
- Leave feedback about your trip with Uber. They provide 24/7 customer service and you can report any safety concerns at anytime.
Uber Safety Report's approachUber Safety Report's approach


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Rideshare Lawsuits Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the Uber sexual assault lawsuit?

Uber's own safety report states that thousands of Uber passengers have been sexually assaulted while using its service. Uber has been in operation for 12 years. More passengers are reporting sexual assaults by Uber drivers.

2. Why are Uber passengers being sued?

Uber passengers are suing the company, claiming that it did not do enough to protect their safety, especially through its inspection of drivers. Uber claims that thousands of passengers were sexually assaulted while on their rides. The company could have done more to protect them.

3. How many Uber rider sexual assaults were there?

Uber's sexual assaults are unknown due to the fact that most sex crimes go unreported. Uber reported about 6,000 cases in 2017-2018, but it is possible that the real number will be higher.

4. How many Uber passengers have been physically assaulted while riding with them?

Although it is unclear how many physical assaults Uber drivers have suffered, many passengers and drivers have reported stabbings.

5. What statute of limitations applies to Uber sexual assaults?

The statutes of limitations for sexual assault vary from one state to the next. This is the maximum time you can wait before legal proceedings are initiated. Many states have statutes that limit sex crime serious to offenders for a period of ten years. RAINN's website contains all the details about each state's time limitations.

6. What is the average settlement in sexual assault cases involving Uber drivers?

Every sexual assault case is different and therefore the amount of compensation may vary significantly. However, Uber has been sued by passengers for large sums in sexual assault cases including one from Washington D.C. who sued the company in 2019 for $10 million.

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