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Find Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuit Lawyer

Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuit - December 2023

Ride-hailing firm Uber has received thousands of complaints about sexual assault against women by drivers. Hundreds of women have filed sexual assault lawsuits, claiming Uber failed to protect them by not properly vetting drivers. Some of the cases have been consolidated into an MDL (multidistrict litigation) in San Francisco, but lawyers across the country are accepting new cases now.

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Recent Sexual Assault Cases on Uber

Uber’s failure to protect passengers from drivers has been a matter of record for years, prompting the company to release a comprehensive US Safety Report in 2019. The details contained within the report were shocking, providing details of almost 6,000 sexual assault reports. Uber promised wholesale changes, but have the promises been met? Recent Uber sexual assault cases include:

  • The case of a Florida woman who fought off her Uber driver after an attempted sexual assault on November 1st.
  • The case of a 17-year-old student at Liberty University, VA, who claimed an Uber driver tried to touch her inappropriately after a campus drop-off in October 2023.
  • The case of a 21-year-old Houston woman who claimed to be assaulted by an Uber driver in September 2023. The woman has launched a lawsuit against Uber.
  • The case of a Tampa Uber driver who was arrested after committing sexual battery against an international student in September 2023.
  • The case of a Miami-Dade Uber driver who was arrested after a serious sexual assault against a passenger in August 2023.
Uber Sexual Assault LawsuitUber Sexual Assault Lawsuit

How many sexual assaults have Uber been associated with?

Thousands. Uber has released two major Safety Reports that provide details of sexual assaults and rape incidents. The reports have covered two years of data retrospectively. The first report, released in 2019, provided details of 5,9,81 incidents of sexual assault and 464 reports of rape. Those figures covered the years 2017 and 2018. The report covering 2019-2020 (released in 2022) detailed 3,824 incidents of sexual assault. While that shows a 38% decline, it is wise to take into consideration external factors – such as the significant decline in Uber journeys during the COVID-19 pandemic, which may account for the drop in sexual assault reports. Unfortunately, we still see news reports of Uber sexual assaults with alarming frequency today.

How many sexual assaults have Uber been associated with?How many sexual assaults have Uber been associated with?

What is the Uber Safety Report's approach to sexual assaults?

It’s important to acknowledge how significant the Uber Safety Report of 2019 was. The company was under massive pressure to admit the scale of the sexual assault problem, and the Safety Report was the result of years of campaigning by sexual assault survivor groups. It was also an attempt by Uber to save its reputation. Nonetheless, the Safety Reports outline ways in which Uber can improve the safety of its passengers, ranging from more rigorous vetting of its drivers to how it reports sexual assaults to the police. Proposed Uber safety features included Ride Check, which would alert both riders and drivers if a trip has veered too far off course. Uber has also advised passengers to be vigilant, as some sexual assaults have been committed by perpetrators pretending to be Uber drivers. However, for some sexual assault survivors, the changes came too late. Moreover, Uber has been criticized for not going far enough with its changes in policy.

Uber Safety Report's approachUber Safety Report's approach

Uber requires you to go to mediation and arbitration

One of the biggest criticisms facing Uber was its practice of compelling assault claimants to partake in mandatory arbitration and mediation, which effectively meant settling differences and reaching an agreement out of court. Victims felt they were forced into this action, and they were unhappy at being forced into signing confidentiality agreements to settle claims. In 2018, Uber changed its stance, no longer making these hearings mandatory. In effect, that means assault victims are free to pursue public lawsuits, as many hundreds of women have done.

What financial compensation am I entitled to if an Uber driver has sexually abused me?

As with all sexual assault incidents, each case is unique. While all sexual assault is inherently serious, compensation depends on a wide variety of factors, including the nature of the act itself. Factors like the extent of the sexual assault would come into play. In addition, there are specific conditions when dealing with a sexual assault committed by someone working for a company, including how the company – Uber, in this case – deals with the allegations.

financial compensationfinancial compensation

Uber Sexual Assault Lawyers

Unfortunately, lawyers across the country are accustomed to dealing with Uber sexual assault cases. If you have been the victim of sexual assault while using Uber, then you should contact a lawyer to find out about your next steps. Experienced sexual assault lawyers will know how to handle each case with the sensitivity it deserves. It’s also worth noting that Uber sexual assault legal action does not necessarily mean a public court appearance for each claimant. As mentioned above, many of the previous cases have been consolidated into a single case. It is possible that a settlement can be agreed without the need for a lengthy court battle.

Uber Sexual Assault LawyersUber Sexual Assault Lawyers


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Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuit Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Uber doing to improve its passenger protection against sexual assault?

Uber has received a lot of criticism for protecting passengers and, to a lesser extent, drivers from sexual assault. It has released two major Safety reports to date, which outline how it can improve passenger safety and improve how sexual assault allegations are acted upon by the company.


2. What should I do if an Uber driver sexually assaulted me?

As with any sexual assault, the best course of action is to contact the police. If you have been the victim of sexual assault during an Uber ride, you may also consider talking to an experienced lawyer.

3. How can I hold Uber responsible for failing to protect me?

You can file a lawsuit against the company. Many victims of Uber sexual assault already have, and lawyers are urging more passengers to come forward as there have been thousands of sexual assault reports.

4. Should I file a sexual assault lawsuit against Uber?

Sexual assault cases are sensitive, and each survivor will choose their own path in dealing with it. For a variety of reasons personal to you, you may choose not to pursue legal action. However, there is a growing movement to secure compensation from Uber, with hundreds of women pursuing legal action.

5. Is there a lawsuit against Uber for sexual assault?

Yes. hundreds of people have brought action against Uber, claiming the company did not do enough to protect them from drivers who sexually assaulted them when they were Uber passengers.

6. How much is my Uber sexual assault lawsuit worth?

It will depend on the circumstances surrounding the sexual assault. The lawsuits against Uber take into consideration both the sexual assault and the actions of Uber, i.e., the failures of the company to prevent such incidents.

7. Can I sue Uber as a passenger?

Yes. Provided a crime, including sexual assault, has taken place during the Uber ride and perpetrated by the driver, you may be able to join the Uber sexual assault lawsuits.

8. How long does it take for a settlement with Uber?

That depends on many factors. A large number of the Uber sexual assault cases have been consolidated into a single case for reasons of expediency. Recently, a judge said that the Uber sexual assault cases should be resolved quickly to help the victims receive closure.

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