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Find Tepezza Lawsuit Lawyer

Tepezza Lawsuit

The Tepezza lawsuit involves claims that Tepezza, used to treat thyroid eye disease (TED), has been linked with hearing loss and other ear problems. Claimants have filed suits against Horizon Pharmaceuticals alleging inadequate warnings of these potential dangers of Tepezza use. This article gives a broad overview of this litigation including an introduction to its background, FDA approval process, reported side effects associated with hearing loss as well as information on joining this lawsuit.

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Richardson Law Firm P.C.

16 years in practice
Hair Relaxers Lawsuit, Mass Tort, Personal Injury, Rideshare Lawsuits, Tepezza Lawsuit
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Tepezza: Treating Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)

Thyroid eye disease, also known as Graves ophthalmopathy, is an autoimmune inflammatory condition of the eye area. Tepezza (Teprotumumab), an FDA-approved treatment medication for this condition, has proven highly successful at reducing eye protrusion and other symptoms while at the same time being linked with hearing loss and related issues; lawsuits filed against Horizon Pharmaceuticals allege they failed to adequately inform patients and healthcare providers of these potential risks.
Tepezza LawsuitTepezza Lawsuit

FDA Approval and Side Effects of Tepezza

Tepezza received FDA approval in January 2020, initially receiving Orphan Drug status to reflect its breakthrough status for conditions with limited treatment options and further clinical tests required. Due to these developments, hearing loss is now included as a possible side effect of Tepezza. Other reported side effects include muscle spasms, nausea, hair loss, diarrhea, fatigue high blood sugar dry skin taste problems headaches. Although most Tepezza lawsuits focus on this side effect more specifically than its other potential reactions; muscle spasms nausea hair loss diarrhea fatigue high blood sugar high blood sugar dry skin taste issues taste problems and headaches, lawsuits regarding Tepezza center around hearing damage symptoms rather than muscle spasms for instance.
FDA Approval and Side Effects of TepezzaFDA Approval and Side Effects of Tepezza

Tepezza's Association with Hearing Loss

Studies have linked Tepezza with permanent hearing loss. Some research reports up to 23% of participants experiencing hearing loss after taking Tepezza; although due to thyroid eye disease being relatively uncommon, study sizes may be limited and thus necessitate further investigation of its long-term impacts on hearing loss.
Tepezza Hearing LossTepezza's Association with Hearing Loss

Effects and Implications of Tepezza-Induced Hearing Loss

Tepezza-induced hearing loss is often marked by symptoms including pain in the ears, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), autophony (echoing), discomfort, increased sensitivity and feeling like your ears are plugged up - symptoms which significantly impede quality of life and the ongoing lawsuits are open to anyone suffering damage due to Tepezza treatment, not only those experiencing hearing loss.

Joining the Tepezza Lawsuit

Law firms representing claimants have filed numerous lawsuits across various states. Depending on the number of claimants involved, cases may be combined into class-action or multidistrict litigation proceedings. People who have undergone Tepezza treatment and experienced hearing damage should consult a personal injury lawyer to evaluate eligibility for compensation as well as navigate legal processes successfully.
Joining the Tepezza LawsuitJoining the Tepezza Lawsuit


The Tepezza lawsuit alleges hearing loss, tinnitus and other ear problems associated with taking Tepezza for thyroid eye disease. Claimants allege Horizon Pharmaceuticals did not provide sufficient warning of these potential risks. Individuals experiencing Tepezza side effects should seek legal advice to understand their rights as potential lawsuits continue against Horizon Pharmaceuticals; future results and settlement possibilities remain undetermined at this stage in these ongoing lawsuits against Horizon Pharmaceuticals.


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Tepezza Lawsuit Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Tepezza (Teprotumumab) used for?

Tepezza, more commonly referred to by its brand name Teprotumumab, is a medication approved to treat thyroid eye disease (TED), an eye condition characterized by eye protrusion, swelling, inflammation and other related symptoms that manifest themselves visually. Tepezza specifically targets these issues and has been FDA approved as an aid in decreasing eye protrusion while alleviating other associated symptoms associated with TED.

2. What are the Reported Side Effects of Tepezza?

Reported adverse events of Tepezza include muscle spasms, nausea and vomiting, hair loss (alopecia), diarrhea, fatigue, high blood sugar levels, dry skin problems (dysgeusia) as well as headaches; however the primary focus of litigation regarding Tepezza involves its potential association with hearing loss, tinnitus and other ear conditions.

3. What Is the Tepezza Lawsuit About?

The Tepezza lawsuit encompasses claims from individuals who have experienced hearing loss, tinnitus or ear damage after taking Tepezza. Lawsuits were filed against Horizon Pharmaceuticals as the manufacturer, alleging they failed to provide sufficient warning of these possible side effects and should inform patients and healthcare providers about them before prescribing Tepezza.

4. How Can I Join the Tepezza Lawsuit?

If you have suffered hearing loss after using Tepezza, or experienced any other adverse side effects due to treatment with Horizon Pharmaceuticals' product, you may be eligible to join ongoing litigation against Horizon. A personal injury attorney specializing in pharmaceutical litigation should evaluate your case and help assess eligibility for compensation - they can guide you through the legal process and inform you about your rights.

5. What could the outcomes of the Tepezza lawsuits be?

At this stage, it is hard to predict exactly what may occur in terms of specific outcomes or settlements for Tepezza lawsuits. Much will depend on evidence presented in court regarding whether Horizon Pharmaceuticals knew about the risk associated with Tepezza and acted negligently, among other considerations. It may lead to settlements where Horizon Pharmaceuticals agrees to pay a sum in order to end cases without going to trial; however, until further steps are taken by litigation it remains uncertain how this unfolds exactly.

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