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Find Consumer Arbitration Lawyer

Consumer Arbitration

While lawsuits may be the err example of conflict resolution between individuals and companies, they do have some notable drawbacks. Arbitration is another valuable tool for settling disputes between consumers and companies, an alternative to the often long, costly, and complex process of filing a lawsuit.

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Bankruptcy Lawyer- Sagre Law Firm PA

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Bankruptcy Lawyer- Sagre Law Firm PA

17 years in practice
Bankruptcy, Business Arbitration, Business Contracts, Business Dissolution, Business Finance
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Seeking Justice Without Lawsuits

Consumer arbitration allows the injured party to sit down and discuss their issues directly with a representative of the company. This method of conflict resolution is just as legally binding as a lawsuit and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Consumer Arbitration Advantages

Two appealing advantages of consumer arbitration are cost and time. Compared to the length and cost of a lawsuit, arbitration is orders of magnitude more affordable and more convenient. Instead of years of motions and arguments, arbitration can be as short as a few hours spaced over a couple of weeks or months. Additionally, there are not the many filing and motion fees present in a formal lawsuit.

Another advantage of arbitration is clarity. Instead of two lawyers presenting legally dense cases before a judge, the company is negotiating directly with the consumer. This means that there is less of an incentive to use arcane language or rely on obscure legal precedents. In arbitration, it may be easier to understand what is going on and why.

Consumer Arbitration Disadvantages

While there are some definite benefits to arbitration, it is not without its drawbacks. One big drawback is a lack of decisiveness. The arbiter is there to facilitate communication and negotiation but lacks the force of a judge to compel either side to cooperate. Indeed, if one side is decidedly against negotiation, the entire arbitration process can grind to a standstill.

The other notable drawback of arbitration is that it may be compelled. Some companies require consumers to sign contracts explicitly forbidding them from entering a class action or lawsuit against them, instead narrowing their resolution options to arbitration or nothing. This compelled cooperation can sour negotiations before they have even really started.

Keeping Business Booming

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Consumer Arbitration Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is consumer arbitration?

Consumer arbitration is the process of settling grievances between an individual consumer and a company that has allegedly caused harm. Consumer arbitration uses an impartial 3rd party known as an arbiter to facilitate negotiation and compromise.

2. What makes consumer arbitration unique?

The unique advantage that arbitration has over a traditional lawsuit is accessibility. Retaining an attorney and filing a lawsuit can cost thousands of dollars and take months. By contrast, arbitration can be settled in a matter of hours over the course of a few months. While not necessary, an attorney can still represent the claimant’s interests, and the less formal nature of arbitration allows more flexibility to facilitate results.

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