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Find Business Contracts Lawyer

Business Contracts

One of the most ubiquitous documents in any company, business contracts form the basis of most organizations. Anything from hiring an employee, to retaining an in-house attorney, to ensuring that product is shipped or received on time requires a business contract to complete.

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Establishing Obligation Between Parties

Business contracts can be as simple as a few pages outlining employee conduct or as complex as a hundred page merger. There are many different types of contract that all have outlines of the expected performance or delivery, the timeline for completion, the terms and conditions of the agreement, and the consequences of breaching the contract.

Types of Contracts

There are three common types of business contracts: employment contracts, sale contracts, and merger contracts. These contracts are utilized to keep businesses functioning as normal.

Employment contracts outline what duties an employee needs to perform, what compensation will be awarded for performance of those duties, and any other benefits or conditions that are included as part of the contract. Sale contracts create a relationship between a business and an end consumer. This contract could be for the leasing of a vehicle, the delivery of product, or providing materials for a distributor or other entity. Finally, there are merger contracts. This type of contract deals with combining two distinct entities to form one, combined company according to the terms of the contract.

Breach of Contract

One of the most significant sections of a business contract, and the most commonly litigated portion of a contract is the collection of clauses related to one party or the other failing to uphold their end of the contract. When one party fails to uphold their end of the contract, they are said to be breaching the contract.

Breach of contract is a common source of litigation between businesses. In some cases, breach of contract can result in the entire contract being voided, freeing both parties from the obligations of the contract. In other instances, contracts may outline specific monetary penalties or other consequences for breaching the contract. For example, some merger contracts may have a clause that imposes a financial penalty on a party that tries to back out of the merger, incentivizing both parties to negotiate and compromise to find a solution rather than voiding the deal.

Keeping Business Booming

If you are creating an airtight business contract, you will need the help of an experienced employment law attorney. An employment lawyer can use their experience and expertise to represent your interests and get you the results you need for the lowest overhead costs.

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Business Contracts Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a business contract?

A business contract is any legal agreement between a company and some other entity. Typically a business contract consists of a few key points: a promise to deliver some good or perform some service, some time requirement that the performance or delivery must be completed by, and terms or conditions of the agreement.

2. Who can write a business contract?

In general, anyone can draft a business contract. There are even a number of templates or generic contract forms that people can download and fill in. However, it is not advisable that someone draft and enter into a business contract without reviewing it with a business law attorney.

3. How much does a business contract cost?

The cost of a business contract can vary depending on the complexity and nature of the contract. Business mergers are accomplished through contracts and those can cost millions of dollars. However, the national average cost to draft a simple business contract is approximately $700.

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