Find Business Dissolution Lawyer

Find Business Dissolution Lawyer

Business Dissolution

Not every business will succeed. Whether due to hard times, mismanagement, or a fatal stroke of misfortune, businesses fall. When it becomes necessary to close a business for good, the proprietors will have to undergo the process of business dissolution.

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Handling an Entity’s Final Affairs

While not an extremely lengthy process, dissolving a business has a number of steps that are required either by the company regulations or by law. In general, all steps for business dissolution break down into two categories: steps required by the state and steps required by the business.

State Requirements

In order for a business to be legally recognized as no longer existing, the state must be notified of the business’ fate and the necessary accompanying paperwork must be filed. The primary forms that need to be filled out are the articles of dissolution which formally state that the business intends to be dissolved by the state. Additionally, a final tax return must be filed by the business and if it has a Federal Employer Identification Number or state tax identification number, it will need to be closed out as well.

Business Requirements

On the business end, there are a few required steps. First, the business must formally declare its intent to be voluntarily dissolved. This can consist of the owner signing a declaration, or the recording of a board vote in favor of dissolution. Another key component of the dissolution process is the settling of debts and the allocation of assets. If the company does not have procedures for these processes then they will proceed according to state law.

Keeping Business Booming

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Business Dissolution Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is business dissolution?

Business dissolution refers to the legal process of having a formally recognized business disbanded. Unless a corporation or business has been formally dissolved, it is not considered to be completely closed down. 

2. How do I dissolve a business?

The steps necessary to dissolve a business depend on the structure of the business. If there is a board of directors or other governing body, it may be necessary to take a vote to voluntarily dissolve the company. If there are not procedures in place for dissolution, then the dissolution will proceed according to the state law that the business exists in. 

Once the decision to dissolve has been made and recorded, there are a number of housekeeping procedures that must be completed. First, a final tax return for the business must be filed. Then articles of dissolution must be filed with the state in order to officially petition for dissolution. Next, debts must be settled and assets distributed according to either company procedure or state law. Finally, employees must be let go, business accounts must be closed, and Federal Employer Identification Number and state tax identification numbers must be terminated.

3. How much does it cost to dissolve a business?

The cost of dissolving a business can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. There are some services that claim to be able to help dissolve a company for free, but there are still state filing fees that must be paid. Additionally, if the business is registered in multiple states, then it must be dissolved in each state in which it is registered. A more costly but frequently more important step is to hire a business law attorney to ensure that all bases are covered and the process is done correctly.

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