Find Business Arbitration Lawyer

Find Business Arbitration Lawyer

Business Arbitration

It is no secret that lawsuits are expensive. Indeed, the cost of a lawsuit can even outstrip the potential gains in a sufficiently complex and protracted case. For this reason, before the issue is brought before a judge some people will try non-litigious solutions such as business arbitration.

S.B. Nickse Law Offices, LLC

10 years in practice
Business Arbitration, Business Law, Neighbor Disputes
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S.B. Nickse Law Offices, LLC

10 years in practice
Business Arbitration, Business Law, Neighbor Disputes
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Resolving Issues in Non-Litigious Ways

Arbitration involves two or more groups coming together to present their case before an impartial arbiter. This arbiter does not have the power to force a decision, but the agreements they oversee are legally binding. Business arbitration can be a process with a number of benefits, but it has its limitations and drawbacks as well.

Arbitration Pros

The biggest benefit for choosing arbitration is cost savings. While arbiters aren’t cheap as they charge by the hour, they are far more cost-effective than paying for months of litigation in the courts. This is true even if one side chooses to be represented by an attorney in the arbitration. The other benefit to arbitration is that it is not as strictly regimented and controlled as a courtroom. There will not be contempt charges thrown out for missteps or impropriety, though respect and civility are still expected.

Arbitration Cons

While arbitration can offer some benefits, it does have some glaring weaknesses. To begin, the arbitration can only function if both sides are willing to negotiate. The arbiter cannot force someone to agree to cooperate or to compromise. Additionally, it can be difficult to get someone to cooperate if they are being forced into arbitration by an employment contract.

Another issue with arbitration is that the distribution of costs can introduce problems. In business arbitration it is often one or more employees against the company. If costs are being split, the employee may struggle to afford their share. On the other hand, if the company covers the costs of arbitration, it may be suspected that the arbiter is biased in favor of the side paying them. Whether or not it’s true, these suspicions can cripple willingness to discuss and compromise.

Keeping Business Booming

If you are considering entering into arbitration as opposed to a protracted legal battle you will need the help of an experienced employment law attorney. An employment lawyer can use their experience and expertise to represent your interests and get you the results you need for the lowest overhead costs.

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Business Arbitration Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is business arbitration?

Business arbitration is an alternative legal process to litigation that seeks to resolve a business-related injury. As with civil arbitration, a representative of each party will attend a meeting along with an impartial arbiter. Each side will present their case and their intended remedy and the arbiter will make a legally binding decision in favor of one party or another. While the arbiter’s decision is binding, it is possible for there to be no resolution if both parties do not agree to be bound by the decision of the arbitration agreement.

2. What makes business arbitration unique?

One of the unique things about business arbitration is that it may be the first or only option for employees with grievances against their employer. Some companies will include clauses stating that in the event of some breach of employment law, the injured employee must attempt to resolve the issue through arbitration before or instead of filing litigation. There may be some details as to where the arbitration must take place or how it will be performed.

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