Find Business Finance Lawyer

Find Business Finance Lawyer

Business Finance

The topic of keeping a balance sheet is often regarded of tiring and dull. However, without an expansive knowledge of financing, businesses may never even be able to begin. Even established businesses find themselves looking to external financial sources in order to keep the corporate cogs turning.

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Keeping Capital Needs Satisfied

Not all financing is created equal and not all sources are correct every time. The key to financing a business is balancing the need to gain capital with the caution of not impairing future growth. It is important to evaluate different methods for small or startup businesses that would be appropriate for a large corporation.

Small Business Finance

Small business or those just starting out have a unique set of advantages and challenges. They don’t have the massive overhead costs of a large corporation, but they also struggle to create a recognized and consistent brand. Fortunately, when it comes to financing a small business, there are a number of pathways created by state and federal government organizations in order to foster an entrepreneurial spirit.

The most straightforward financial lifeline for small businesses would be a loan. These are often specifically tailored to small businesses and may offer breaks or incentives to businesses that make less than a certain amount. A more advantageous but challenging option is applying for a grant. A grant does not need to be paid back, but the application process can be more rigorous. Oftentimes the grant will come with conditions and caveats that must be observed and maintained in order to remain qualified. Regardless of the desired path for financing, a business attorney should be contacted to oversee the terms and conditions of the plan before proceeding.

Corporate Finance

Large corporations have a plethora of financing options available to them, though this surplus of options can be overwhelming. While they can apply for loans or grants, corporations have another very tempting options: going public.

Going public refers to converting a corporation or company from a privately owned and operated enterprise to a publicly traded one. This comes with advantages and disadvantages. The immediate advantage is that a public company can issue stock that can be bought or sold on the stock market. Public stock allows anyone to purchase some share in the company in exchange for a price. This grants an immediate infusion of wealth for the company and can result in a net positive for corporate growth. However, issuing stock has a few drawbacks. First, the stock price will depend on a number of external factors including buyer interest and the overall health of the economy, meaning a company’s stock can drop for a number of reasons from an underwhelming sales quarter to an economic downturn. Second, trading a company publicly means ceding a portion of control, however small, to these new stakeholders. A publicly traded company will be obligated to act in the best interest of the shareholders, and may be limited from enacting more radical changes to the way the company operates.

Keeping Business Booming

If you are looking to acquire lines of finance for a business, you will need the help of an experienced employment law attorney. An employment lawyer can use their experience and expertise to represent your interests and get you the results you need for the lowest overhead costs.

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Business Finance Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is business finance law?

Business finance law is a subset of business law that deals exclusively with financial planning and management. Common subjects of business finance law include making investments in property or businesses, insurance topics, banking, and marketing capital assets.

2. How do I finance my business?

There are a variety of ways to finance a business. Small businesses or start-up companies may petition for an initial investment from larger firms or request loans from a bank. More established firms may go public, allowing stock in the company to be purchased in exchange for financial capital to be used for business expenses and expansion.

3. What kind of lawyer can help me with business finance law?

While a business law attorney can be helpful when navigating the complexities of financing a business, the best attorney for the job would be a financial law specialist. These attorneys have devoted themselves to specific niches at the intersection of law and accounting. An experienced financial law specialist can take advantage of complex or obscure pathways to acquiring capital, creating advantageous leasing agreements, or ensuring an airtight launch of stock that will maximize investment while minimizing risk to the integrity of the company.

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