The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A

The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A
The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A

The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A

200 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801, USA
Areas of expertise: Personal Injury
17 years in practice
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About The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A

The Law Office of Jeremiah D. Allen is committed to providing excellent legal advice in the areas of Criminal Defense, DUI and Personal Injury. Jeremiah Allen is a former prosecutor for the State of Florida and an experienced trial attorney.

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The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A Areas Of Practice

Personal Injury

The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A Reviews

Google Reviews


Jacob Register

If you live in the Orlando area and are seeking representation, you may be satisfied with Jeremiah Allen representing your case from what I’ve read on his reviews. However, if you do not reside in that area, I ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS GUY WHO CALLS HIMSELF A LAWYER!!! I hired Jeremiah for $5,000 in August 2021 to represent me for a DUI case in Polk County to avoid facing 6 months jail time which was not going to work for me as a husband, father, and full time employee. I gave him $1,000 down for a retainer and made $500 payments monthly until he was paid in full by February 2022. He filed a waiver of appearance on my behalf and I would speak with him via phone call after every court appearance for a briefing on my case status. I never received a video conference or in person meeting as requested and agreed upon. For all I know, this guy isn’t even an active attorney and if he is, needs to be disbarred from practicing which I have full intentions of reporting him to the Florida bar as soon as this review is posted. He made the outcome of my case sound so promising over the 7 month course my case was prolonged. After receiving my final $500 payment and draining my family and I for $5,000 he told me the state was not budging and I would be serving jail time. I instantly pursued counsel elsewhere and found an ACTUAL lawyer who took my case for the same price of $5,000 in March and had my case concluded with one year probation by October. 7 months of Allen’s so called “representation” did nothing but put my family and I in a hardship whereas 7 months with proper legal counsel made a world of difference. If you value your freedom and life, and don’t have thousands of dollars to discard, DO NOT HIRE THIS QUACK!


Rahul Parikh

I am a criminal defense attorney in the Central Florida area. It is not usual for a "competitor" to leave a 5 star review for another lawyer, however, I have worked with and known Mr. Allen for many years. We have had co-defendant cases together. Mr. Allen is a phenomenal attorney and he will not steer you astray. If you have a personal injury or criminal defense case in Orlando or Central Florida, I do highly recommend Mr. Allen.


gerardo ayuso

Mr Allen assured me that he could help me to avoid any jail time and he did exactly that. He was very communicative about my case and responsive to my questions and just an overall great guy. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.


John Griffin

Putting Mr. Jeremiah Allen in charge of my case was LITERALLY a life saving decision. I faced 3 life sentences for actions I did not commit, but the state did not care and did not take my situation lightly. Mr. Allen's services will forever be the most valuable and worthy investment I've ever made; Because for the rest of my life, every other purchase I make, every sunrise I see, and every hug I give my children will be entirely because of him.


Michael Clinkenbeard

I don't know where to begin. First and foremost, Mr. Allen is an amazing attorney. Always calm, but approachable and friendly. He's always encouraging and cares for his clients. Because of Mr. Allen I faced my impending charges in court with dignity and tranquility. It was Mr. Allen's professionalism, he eliminated the fear one would normally have facing these unknowns. Mr. Allen worked on my case with ease and confidence that I went from possibly facing prison/jail time to a pre-trial diversion. Something where I can manage a productive and happy home life while meeting my obligations with ease. Never once did he make feel like a criminal or shamed me. He knew what kind I man I was and knew this one mistake shouldn't tarnish something inside myself. Finally, Mr. Allen's fees are beyond affordable. So strongly recommend anyone who is looking for an attorney who there for you, not just for their fee, but for support and guidance through your dark times, Mr. Jeremiah Allen is your man. Look no further. Thank you for everything, sir. But most of all, thank you for letting me to feel human and good about myself.

The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A Locations

200 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801, USA


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The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A located?

The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A is located at 200 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801, USA.

What are The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A areas of expertise?

The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A areas of expertise are: Personal Injury.

How many years is The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A in practice?

The Law Office Of Jeremiah D. Allen P.A is in practice for 17 years.

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