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5635 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, USA
Areas of expertise: Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury
45 years in practice
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About Stephen I. Leshner, P.C.

At Stephen I. Leshner, P.C., I usually only take on about two cases per month because it allows me to devote my full, one-on-one attention to each client. I provide each client my own direct phone number, so that when they call my office they can speak with me directly. I take great pride in providing each of my clients with personalized, compassionate and responsive legal representation throughout the duration of their case.

Stephen I. Leshner, P.C. Areas Of Practice

Medical Malpractice
Personal Injury

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Stephen I. Leshner, P.C. Attorney at Law

When Stephen first met with me I was impressed with his casual and straight forward manner. He gave me a rundown of his qualifications, listened carefully to my situation, added anecdotes to let me know he understood. He asked me a few specific questions and agreed to take my case. I believe he would have honestly told me if I did NOT have a case.

The agreement letter was simple. He gave me a realistic time line on what will happen, when. He did not raise any unrealistic expectations, but his confidence gave me confidence that I made the right choice.

During the process I was guided through what I needed to do by Steve and, probably more importantly, his worthy assistant, Tammy. Tammy was Johnnie-on-the-spot to answer questions and sooth my worries.

I KNOW that if I had tried to represent myself with the involved insurance companies I would not have gotten very far. There's no doubt Steve made a lot of money from my case, but to have someone else go to bat for me with the insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals was well worth it to me. The outcome was most satisfactory and now, nearly a year after my accident, I feel like the case can be closed and I can move on with my life.

Thank you to Steve and Tammy!!
Steve Leshner is a skilled and extraordinary lawyer! He is extremely intelligent, articulate, and professional. He was clear and concise in his communications. He was responsive and precise in his advice. He fought for us and provided a better result than expected. I have the utmost confidence and respect for him as an attorney and as a gentleman. I was most impressed by his character and integrity, as well as his thoughtful, caring, and kind personality toward my wife and me during a very difficult time in our lives. He is truly a brilliant personal injury attorney!
Mr Leshner did not just take an interest in my case- he took an interest in me. This was my first instance where I felt I needed legal representation. I knew my situation was not a typical "slip and fall" case. I felt lost, helpless and simply did not know where to turn or what to do next. Mr Leshner took the time to listen to the specific details of my situation, explained not a course of action- but instead gave me different legal options and described (in understandable detail) the different legal courses and the time, actions and expectations of each option. Mr Leshner took away the apprehension and unknown of my situation and has set me up to get the best results for myself, my health and my future. I cannot recommend Mr Leshner in any more higher praise. His input has changed my legal situation and my life for the better in more ways I can accurately describe in an online review!!
Steve Leshner is, without a doubt, a very skilled, thoughtful and utmost professional litigator. He provided clear and concise legal advice during a very daunting experience for me and my family. From the very first consultation, Steve expressed a true interest in our personal tragedy and gave us an honest initial assessment. He promised only to make further inquiries to seek the complete truth and develop a case, if feasible. He never made any grand promises or guaranteed immediate results. That spoke volumes to me in regards to Steve’s personal character, judgment and integrity. I knew then that Steve was the lawyer my family needed; a professional with a realistic point of view that would be honest with my family at a very sensitive time.

Steve and his assistant Tammy went on from that point to handle every aspect of the case and reduced, as much as possible, any further impact on our family. Every estimate and prediction Steve sent to visually relate our case’s progress was correct. It left me rarely ever having any questions and if I had one he was a simple phone call away. Steve has more than 30 years of experience and is a top lawyer in Arizona for a reason. If you hire Steve and he takes your case you are in excellent hands. Let him handle the case, trust his advisement and he will achieve the best outcome for your family as he did for mine.
For the first time in my life, I was in need of a personal injury attorney. I wanted someone with impeccable ethics. I wanted someone who would be honest and straight forward with me and I wanted the truth about my case. And I have received all of that with Steve. You need to hear the truth about your case to set and manage your expectations. You don't want someone without ethics to tell you what you want to hear. With Steve you will get honesty, ethics, incredible experience and a hard working savvy attorney - what else could you ask for?

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5635 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, USA


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