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1700 7th Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98101, USA
Areas of expertise: Intellectual Property
20 years in practice
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About Northwest Business Law LLC

Our more than 10 years of experience in business litigation, corporate lawsuits, and intellectual property litigation has afforded business owners peace of mind and a sense of security as they look beyond their current legal challenges. We can help if you're experiencing a dispute with your company's partners, employees, or another company.

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Intellectual Property

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Northwest Business Law LLC

I can not express how much gratitude I have for Northwest Business Law. Eric helped me with a business matter and really took the time to methodically handle it. I appreciate his kindness, knowledge, and strong expertise. I would recommend Eric to anyone that is looking for someone that take time and truly cares about their clients. Thanks Eric!
In 2013 I was sued for 2.5M on a baseless claim with no evidence to support the claim. I chose to not respond to the courts or the plaintiff. In April of 2017, I contacted Eric Helmy to restructure my business and in doing so, Eric convinced me fighting the case was the correct move. In April 2017, Eric became my friend and attorney.

July 2018, Eric walked into a deposition prepared to end the case. In less than 4 hours of deposing the plaintiff, a full admittance of false statements was achieved. The wizardry Eric has in his craft to problem solve, conductive reason and thoroughly understand his client is phenomenal. Eric had the entire lawsuit dismissed and gave me back freedom over my life.

If you are looking for an attorney to methodically and decisively resolve any legal needs, hire him. I’ve spent $250k on legal fees with other attorneys and never saw an ounce of the passion and drive Eric has to win a case.

There are plenty of lawyers who can win a case, only a handful In the world can do it with such class and articulation as Eric Helmy.
"One overcomes the world with justice."
- Indian philosopher Kautilya (321) BCE.

I have the honor to have Eric Helmy as my corporate litigation attorney. I want to share my sincere respect for his professional qualities. Eric is a great lawyer protecting my company and family when faced with injustice.

Eric, by far, is one the most intelligent men I have ever met in my life. He can penetrate quickly into the deepest grounds of the case. In volatile and confusing matters, I am often surprised by the accuracy with which Eric can promptly give a portrait of the situation. Indebtedness and conflicts all have ways of compounding if unattended. In a complex case, desires like weeds can grow thick, intelligence can not flow, and the truth of the matter is hidden. Eric's clarity with intelligent reasoning runs so strong, sweeping open clogged confusion very powerfully. The lucidity opens the gate to allow me to see the light through the darkness.

In managing complex legal issues, teamwork is the most important. One needs self-control, patience, diligence, and calmness. Eric always brings the sober truth of the matter. Eric shows excellent strength in respecting facts, applying knowledge creatively, and upholding principles in legal issues. The heart of litigation matters is to seek the truth. Eric's great compassion is to bring the reality of the case and protect my team from dangers. Sober truth may sound bitter at times but paves excellent preparation to endure hardship.

Eric offers his support in the strength of truth in the most challenging times. As a person without a legal background, my heart often fills with doubts and hesitancy when faced with complex and challenging decisions. Eric is my guide through the maze of legal matters. Eric has a vision and holds this vision like the eyes of an eagle while listening to my story. Eric's advice is a light dispelling the darkness of ignorance in legal analysis.

Eric is courageous. Courage repels dangers. He is intelligent, outspoken, and creative when facing challenges, demonstrating inner fortitude without fear of adversity. Eric has a kind heart, and he always stands by the justice. Eric is impartial toward truth. The virtue of truthfulness is that respecting reality may be disagreeable at first but deliver a sweet result. Eric is objective and fair among all likes and dislikes, biased by faults, errors, and prejudice.

A successful undertaking is a team effort. To work with a strong and successful lawyer like Mr. Eric, I feel my side's essential requirement is to do an excellent job as a team player. Eric always schedules ahead of time. It is imperative to meet with Eric prepared. A complex legal case requires a good team dynamic. I always remind myself to give Eric my best support for his important work and listen to his advice carefully to understand his ideas.

I have so much gratitude for Eric for his defense of my company and family with justice, support of my team, impartiality toward truth, guidance in legal matters, and most importantly, the great kindness of his heart.
I hired Mr. Helmy if four cases. Not only he lost them all, he missed ALL the deadlines for ALL discoveries, witnesses, and depositions. I had to step into trials in the four cases washout any witnesses, deposition, or discovery. He took his fees by flat rate in advance and all he did was lies. I got sanctions in two cases because I gave him the answers for questions asked by the adversary and he forgot to submit them for several months till the judges ruled against me without giving me any opportunity to talk because my attorney was supper moron. Mr. Helmy DID NOT WIN A SINGLE MOTION in the four cases for almost the entire year. In one case against Chase bank, he got the full payment for his fees, and he forgot to submit the notice of appearance to the court. I got a default judgment because of his gross negligence. A huge malpractice lawsuit is coming soon against this quack. We reviewed his history, it's incredibly astonishing that he kept doing the same mistakes for twenty years. Hopefully, this time, he won't get a way without tens of millions of dollars damages and punitive damages.
I am a professional mediator who mediates disputes in the civil justice system. As a mediator who has mediated numerous cases and an attorney for decades, I encountered Mr. Helmy in a very complex case when he represented one of the parties in the case I was mediating. I was greatly impressed by his thorough preparation not only for me as the mediator but with his clients who had to understand the substantial difficulties of their case. It was obvious to me his clients though in a very difficult situation had full faith in him and that he had clearly and honestly discussed the risks they faced if they could not negotiate an agreed upon resolution. He worked hard. He communicated clearly. And, helped his clients through a very difficult process seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

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Shawn R.
After losing everything in a business dealing I hired Eric after he pressured for the $10,000 deposit not knowing much about attorneys we went ahead and...
Oren S.
STAY AWAY FROM ERIC HELMY! I requested a consultation regarding a situation I'm experiencing with my business. I am not well versed in business law, and I...

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