Nguyen Firm, LLC

Nguyen Firm, LLC
Nguyen Firm, LLC

Nguyen Firm, LLC


332 County Road D East, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55117, USA
Areas of expertise: Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law, Immigration Law
17 years in practice
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About Nguyen Firm, LLC

Ms. Nguyen focuses her practice on immigration law. However, because immigration law, criminal law, and family law are inexplicably intertwined areas of the law, she often represents clients on family and criminal law matters due to serious potential immigration consequences for the client. She is a unique attorney with the ability to communicate with people from professional, diverse, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Nguyen Firm, LLC Areas Of Practice

Criminal Defense
Divorce & Family Law
Immigration Law

Nguyen Firm, LLC Reviews

Google Reviews

Nguyen Firm, LLC

Best Lawyer around she helped us with our immigration case and was very professional. Always communicate and gave us the best advice. We were always in the know of what was happening with our case. Highly recommend Nguyen Law Firm
k T
I had Nguyen as an Attorney few years back on couple things(not gonna mention too much), but I will tell you this. She cares, is tough, and direct. Also fierce during court!! She helped me get the best deal on my case, which I am truly grateful for. Thank you
My family and I are beyond grateful with all the hard work that Ms. Nguyen has done for us. She is relentless yet extremely caring, knowledgeable, experienced, professional and she will NEVER give up on what is just. Ms. Nguyen always listened to my concerns and fought hard for my rights. I can now go back to enjoying life with my family. Best attorney I've ever met! Ms. Nguyen God bless you!
Updated review:
Updating this review as Alyssa personally reached out in response to this post. She was kind to apologize on behalf of her staff and explained that her firm receives as many as 50 calls a day; and sometimes from individuals with misleading intentions. Note, I am not a potential, current, or past client.

Here is my response to Alyssa's email:

Thank you for reaching out and I would be happy to revise my review. However, I'd like to take a moment to explain that had your staff member taken the time to adequately listen to my question, she would've realized that it was not legal consultation or advice that I was seeking. I fully understood that you would only be able to speak directly with the potential client; a consultation that I also understood would be fee-based.

Given the potential client is currently residing in Vietnam and doesn't speak English, I was attempting to get information on how she should proceed with connecting with you or your firm. For example, if she were to call your firm herself, should she take steps to have a translator on hand? My questions were purely logistical and in the spirit to assist my father's fiancee and ease her anxiety over what is an understandably intimidating process.

As a point of comparison, we were able find an alternative firm and ask the same questions I posed to your staff member. These questions were professionally and respectfully addressed, and also fully answered. They were able to share that they would provide translation services and further provided assistance with scheduling a consultation appointment; both of which I didn't even have an opportunity to ask how to do given your staff member was quick to interrupt even before a question was posed.

I can understand that your staff deals with many calls as I also understand this other firm faces the same pressures. I would hope, especially given you specialize in family and immigration law, that your staff members would be trained and capable of treating all individuals with respect, patience and common thoughtfulness. The populations you seek to serve deserve this; but my brief phone interaction with your staff member could not have been more discouraging. However, our experience with the other firm was overwhelmingly different, and solidly reassuring.

I appreciate that you took the time to respond to my review. I will be editing my review to reflect this but it does not change my reflection that my interaction with your one staff member was met with ill-respect and disregard. Your intern, on the other hand, was kind and diligent. She is a stronger example of who I hope your current and future clients would get to work with.


Original review:
Very disappointing experience with this firm. DO NOT recommend. Initially spoke with an intern who was kind and helpful, but said would need to follow up with Alyssa. Didn't receive a call back as promised, so called to check in again today. Connected with a different person who was extremely dismissive, would not take the time to listen to my questions and would cut off my sentences. Did not have the common decency to treat people with basic level of respect. She spent no more than 3 minutes on the phone before hanging up on me. How can this firm claim to help people when they won't even spend a few extra minutes to listen to and answer basic questions. The person I spoke with kept emphasizing that a consultation fee would have to be paid, which I affirmed I understood multiple times. Seems like they prioritize immediate payment over securing client trust to earn their business. DO NOT RECOMMEND! - would rate at zero stars if I could. Alyssa may be great, but she needs to seriously assess the staff she has working for her. This is not the brand or reputation I expect she would want to have for her firm.
Highly recommend them! This law firm did a phenomenal job with my case and was very patient with me!

Yelp Reviews

Joshua L.
My girlfriend paid for a consultation that she never received. She called and sent several emails, which were never responded to. This firm basically stole...

Nguyen Firm, LLC Locations

332 County Road D East, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55117, USA


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Nguyen Firm, LLC Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nguyen Firm, LLC located?

Nguyen Firm, LLC is located at 332 County Road D East, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55117, USA.

What are Nguyen Firm, LLC areas of expertise?

Nguyen Firm, LLC areas of expertise are: Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law, Immigration Law.

How many years is Nguyen Firm, LLC in practice?

Nguyen Firm, LLC is in practice for 17 years.

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