Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson

Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson
Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson

Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson

1200 5th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA
Areas of expertise: Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce & Family Law, Divorce Law, Domestic Violence, Prenups & Marital Agreement
23 years in practice
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About Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson

The attorneys at Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson can help you at all stages of the case including filing a family law action, attending mediation, or attending any family court hearings in front of the judge. The attorneys are experienced in representing clients in divorce and family law cases throughout the Seattle area and the Kent area in King County. We represent clients living in the cities of Seattle, Kent, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Issaquah and North Bend, Vashon Island, and Maury Island. Our attorneys also represent individuals in the surrounding areas including Everett in Snohomish County.

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Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson Areas Of Practice

Child Custody
Child Support
Divorce & Family Law
Divorce Law
Domestic Violence
Prenups & Marital Agreement

Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson Reviews

Google Reviews

Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson

Shana Thompson and her Staff are an amazing and hardworking team. They genuinely care about my case and do everything they can for the good of my family. Shana has all the qualities you need in an Attorney. She will fight for you and knows the court system better than you could navigate on your own.( I tried,and was so overwhelmed) With such a professional and knowledgeable staff I felt confident in Shana's ability to seek the best possible outcome for my case. I feel incredibly blessed to have found Shana and her team! I've been most impressed with the integrity of her character and her staff reflects that as well. In a situation where you need a law firm I would not hesitate to recommend them. Excellent all around and a heart of gold. If I could give more stars , I would. Highly Recommend!
I was introduced to Shana Thompson by another attorney from a different state because of her excellent reputation and experience. She definitely delivered. What started out as a very contentious situation with a dismal outlook turned out so much better than I could imagine, partly because of the way she performed for me and partly because my adversary and her counsel understood her skills at trial. In the end, we were able to arrive at a very favorable spouses' agreement. I know that I am leaving this failed marriage so much better than most, and for that I am grateful. I can recommend Shana and her team without reservation. If you want and need the very best, look no further.
Going through a divorce was not what I had expected. Donald and Shana, walked me through me a year long, very high conflict, extremely high stress divorce. They were detail-oriented, professional, kind, intuitive and often the advice they gave was the right choice for me. They kept me informed when I needed to be and gave me a break, when they saw I needed it. I went to court twice, which Shana won both times and finally trial. After 6 days of trial, (it was supposed to be 4 days) trial was completed and Shana came out ahead again. The whole process was an extremely stressful one to go through with children involved, but both Donald and Shana were understanding, respectful and supportive.

Their well thought out approach and strategic use of the law was very helpful in being successful. Shana and Donald will work hard for a best case scenario outcome.
A very close friend told me at the beginning of this process to find an attorney I trusted and do what they say. That’s the person I found in Shana Thompson. She has taken a very high conflict situation and made it a manageable process for my family and me. She truly cares about her clients and is not willing to put up with games from the other side. She takes a reasonable approach to resolving issues while shielding her clients from unnecessary conflict. I highly recommend Shana for anyone involved in a family law matter!
I was very impressed at my first meeting with Shana Thompson. To be honest she is very experienced and competent as a divorce attorney.
Going through divorce is kinda not easy at all specially if there’s a 18 month old baby involved. Having that in mind I had already made my mind to try to resolve my divorce through mediation. And honestly Shana seemed to be very much geared towards mediation too. I switched from another attorney to Shana through a very good reference.
The first red flag was when my previous attorney sent a release form and it took Shana and her team a few days to figure out that it was buried in their spam.

It started little difficult to get through to Shana. I ended up responded by her other partners Kim and Donald. Again they are both amazing people and very competent. But the problem I have is that I was very clear and upfront with Shana at our first meeting that I wanted Shana to deal with my case even after she quoted me her rates nearly double of her other partners. And she said okay.

After a few more phone calls I was stuck with an issue the my wife had switched my daughter’s day care. And I had no idea where she was taking my daughter to. I asked Shana if she could check with wife’s attorney about the contact info of my daughter’s new day care and some tax docs that she had provide. During these discussions I also mentioned to Shana that if I could ask for interrogatories if wife too as her attorney has requested. Shana asked me if it’s retaliatory then DON’T DO IT. Her advice really made sense. And she confirmed that she would email my wife’s attorney regarding my concerns.

We waited for my wife’s attorney and when I did not get any response. I reached out to Shana again. This time I was responded by Kim and that was on March 18th, 2019. She did send an email to my wife’s attorney on the same day regarding my concerns. No reply at all regarding this.

I had called Shana again to help me fill out the interrogatories and I had an appointment with Donald to help me complete the interrogatories. Thanks for helping me out Donald, he really did a great job. During this 3-4 hour session with Donald I met Kim and I asked her if she has heard back from my wife’s attorney? She said no and proposed that I should ask for interrogatories too and they will have to respond with in 30 days. Here’s the problem when you are dealing with 2 or three partners and at the same time going through divorce dilemma. I was kinda getting conflicting advice from two partners of the same firm.

On March 27th, 2019 I tried reaching out Shana and I was told that she’s on a phone call. I was waiting for her call and received a call from Donald returning on Shana’s behalf. I asked about any reply from my wife’s attorney regarding my daughter’s day care and my tax docs. I was told that there has been no response. So I asked Donald to please kindly ask Shana to give me a call.
Didn’t receive any call from her at all.
But in fact I received an email from Donald confirming that my wife’s attorney had responded to Kim’s email on March 19th, 2019 with my tax docs and the day care contact information. And Donald claimed that Kim was busy and he was busy etc etc. now from March 01st till yesterday I was under the impression that my wife was deliberately holding on to my tax docs and my daughter’s day care info to kinda frustrate me. I really got sold on the idea of asking her for interrogatories.

I noticed that the email was Shana and Kim both. No one bothered forwarding it to me for literally 10 days. I haven’t met my daughter since March 01st, so every single day matters. My personal tax return filling has been on hold for this doc which has been sitting in Shana’s email just because she’s busy.

I would never recommend Shana or her firm under any circumstances to any one, not because they incompetent but they definitely are negligent.

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Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson Locations

1200 5th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA


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Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson located?

Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson is located at 1200 5th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA.

What are Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson areas of expertise?

Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson areas of expertise are: Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce & Family Law, Divorce Law, Domestic Violence, Prenups & Marital Agreement.

How many years is Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson in practice?

Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson is in practice for 23 years.

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