Kahrs Law Office

Kahrs Law Office
Kahrs Law Office

Kahrs Law Office

Wichita, Kansas, USA
Areas of expertise: Bankruptcy, Trust & Estate
31 years in practice
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About Kahrs Law Office

IN KANSAS, MISSOURI AND TENNESSEE} Kahrs Law Offices, P.A. works with regional and national collection agencies, businesses, corporations, government agencies, and individuals to find solutions to cases of outstanding debt. We provide our clients with a thorough understanding of the many statutes that can affect collections. Kahrs Law Offices, P.A. offers the flexibility to pursue collection of debts of any amount backed by years of experience in making our clients whole.

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Kahrs Law Office Areas Of Practice

Trust & Estate

Kahrs Law Office Reviews

Google Reviews

Kahrs Law Offices, P.A.

Absolutely terrible people, tried setting up a payment plan, left MULTIPLE voicemails never heard anything back, never can get a hold of an actual person, even tried through their 'contact us' on their website. NOTHING. Finally got a hold of a rep and she was EXTREMELY rude. Basically told me to screw off, when asking to speak with a manager or someone else. She paused, laughed and stated back "Hi, I'm the manager how can I help you".
On 1/4/2022 My jobs payroll told me $218.91 had been garnished from my weekly check. I asked who it was and they said Khars Law office. When I reached out to Khars they said they had been hired by a payday loan company I took a 400.00 dollar loan out with 4 years ago and my debt is now $1400.00.

I immediately called the loan company and they told me that wasn't the case. They told me Khars law office had purchased the debt from them, Khars took it to court without me being notified and had the right to garnish my wages when I didn't reply to being served.

I called Khars back 1/6/2022 and they told me that I could "settle the debt". They told me to make an offer and they would "take it to the payday loan company" to see if they would accept it. I offered $553.00, Khars came back and said $773.00. I asked if I could counter that because I dont have that, and they said "No. It would only make the client mad and they will take back the option to settle."

I said I would have to gather/borrow the funds, BUT I was told IF I HURRIED and got them the money order for the $773.00 in the next 7 days, they would refund the $218.91 they took. I did just that and got them the money order in 3 days. They told me they would be refunding the $218.91 "when it arrives from your jobs payroll".

Fast forward another month to 2/5. "A mistake was made" by my jobs payroll sending the check in and I'd have to wait ANOTHER month to 3/7/2022 for Khars Law office to "cut a check and send it out."

Here we are 3/18/2022 and Kahrs is swearing up and down they sent my check to me 3/7/2022. IT DOES NOT TAKE 2 or 3 weeks send it.

The threatening settlement letters they sent in January got to me in 2 days. Why all of sudden when it's time to give back what you took is it taking 3 weeks?

They refuse to answer my questions only stating it's been sent. I guarantee it won't be post marked for 3/7. They are drawing this out hoping I forget about it.

I called and asked to speak to the "owner" Mark. They said I Can't.
Ive recently become aware my checks are being garnished. Ive never been in this position before and im being told i better find out how much exactly the law office is taking out and to speak to my employer about the matter to hopefully be able to stop the withdrawals from my direct deposit. Is there any advice any1 could give me? To help me from this becoming worse to even worse. Let me know pls thanks
If I could leave less than a 1 star review I would! This place is downright RIDICULOUS! They NEVER answered the phone! The lady at the desk is DOWNRIGHT RUDE!!!!! I was paying them! we never discussed how often I HAD to pay before they would threaten me with a garnishment. At first I paid every two weeks, then I got to where I could only pay monthly. THEY WERE REAL QUICK TO SEND ME A LETTER ABOUT "FURTHER ACTION" I WAS MAKING MY PAYMENTS?!?!?! Now every payment I made is basically not counted for because lord only knows how many fees are tacked on now! I got an email at work saying my garnishment will be like $157.00?!?! are you kidding me!? my entire balance when I was paying was only $300 something, I know I paid it way down below 157?! I am interested to see how many payments get taken and for how much. The email also said the amount could change later due to interest. Screw everything about this company. I PRAY that they get shut down shortly.
Wouldn’t return my phone calls. Did not contact me in no form of way. Just started garnishing my checks. I work 20 hours a week and go to school full time. Barely make enough to live off of and they took 1/3 of my check!

Yelp Reviews

Tyree B.
This law firm sucks. Was told that I could call have my payments processed via phone. This was not the case. Tried to contact someone at this office no...
Beck H.
Their customer service is non-existent. The worst law office; does not return your calls when you leave a message.
John H.
Greenmail. Extortion. These are the activities associated with Mark Kahrs and his clients. I can't wait until Kahrs is up for re-election for his state...

Kahrs Law Office Locations

Wichita, Kansas, USA


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Kahrs Law Office Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kahrs Law Office located?

Kahrs Law Office is located at Wichita, Kansas, USA.

What are Kahrs Law Office areas of expertise?

Kahrs Law Office areas of expertise are: Bankruptcy, Trust & Estate.

How many years is Kahrs Law Office in practice?

Kahrs Law Office is in practice for 31 years.

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