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2033 6th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121, USA
Areas of expertise: Bankruptcy, Divorce & Family Law, Immigration
14 years in practice
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About Integrity Law Group, PLLC

Integrity Law Group, ILG, was founded in 2008 by Justin Mishkin and Max Soi, and headquartered in the heart of the Denny Triangle, conveniently located near the federal and state court houses. We’re on your team from start to finish.

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Divorce & Family Law

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Google Reviews

Integrity Law Group PLLC

Fantastic. You need a lawyer, you know it's gonna hurt financially to get one. The worst part is not knowing which is a good one, which is going to be worth their price, etc. I can tell you from experience with an eviction situation that this is the right place. My landlords drilled through my locks without any notification about it and now I'm gonna sue on a specific code violation. I got things taken care of, the lawyer talks turkey not a bunch of soliliquies and you get the results. Now my situation is resolved and if I went pro bono here, would never have gotten this kind of treatment. The cost is not even 1/4 of a month rent for the consultation and it's going to wind up being a claim where I can bring something substantial in, after all. I was just resolving but this is great.

Don't wait, go Integrity Law Group
I can't say enough positive things about Justin Mishkin at Integrity Law Group. Let's start with the most important part when it comes to hiring a lawyer - Knowing the laws. Justin not only understands the laws in the field in which he is involved in, but he understands the "between the lines" concepts as well. Sometimes a single word in a sentence can make all the difference, and those are the things Justin doesn't miss. Things I would have never thought to look for or thought would have been important, he catches and is able to explain the importance of it. So on the quality of the legal work component, you'll be hard-pressed to find better.

Having said this, his legal acumen is only one of his many skills. One of the most important qualities Justin brings to his practice is logic and an amazing "bedside manner". Justin helped me with all of the legal aspects of starting my own corporation, and then subsequently with the acquisition of a practice/business. He made sure that there were protections in place in case things went wrong. After the close of the sale, when it came to light that the seller misrepresented some very serious things, Justin was integral in helping resolve the issues.

Not only would I not be where I am without his help, but I also can't imagine any other lawyer handling my legal matters because of the confidence and trust I have in Justin.

If you are looking for a huge firm with lawyers who don't smile and you can't get in contact with directly, then you will be disappointed with Justin and ILG because with them, you get kindness without weakness, guidance without judgment, and expertise without belittlement.

To say Justin is an outstanding lawyer is an understatement.
We worked with Justin Mishkin on estate planning, and we had an excellent experience. Justin was very thorough in his explanations and took time to answer our questions. He was very responsive in our follow-ups, and the whole process was completed much quicker than I had anticipated. I would highly recommend Justin and Integrity Law Group.
Recently Justin helped me with some judgments that were hanging over my head. And with great results, too. He is very responsive and returns calls promptly. He is forthright and I always feel like I'm in good hands with him. Justin would be the person I'd call if any legal problems come up in the future.
Absolutely wonderful firm to work with. To start, I spoke to Legal Secretary, Carey Luo, to arrange a consultation. She picked up the phone right away and was kind, helpful and prompt when following up with me via email. I got a same day appointment with Attorney, Max Soi, who was very pleasant and SO helpful. He knew his facts / policies and immediately gave me a clear answer. Max followed up with documents for my reference and invited me to email or call back if I had any other questions. If you're doubting whether or not to spend $200 on a consultation, it is probably worth it. I spoke to Max about landlord issues and would 100% recommend him to anyone dealing with a corrupt landlord.

Yelp Reviews

Michael H.
My wife and I are in the process of setting up various legal agreements and needed advice on how to go about the process. Justin listened to our concerns...
Jennifer G.
Justin helped me with some judgments that were hanging over my head. And with great results, too! He's very responsive and returns calls promptly. He's...
Bruce H.
Max Soi is the best lawyer out there! I went to him for many occasions and he is always glad to help. And so is Justin. Max is the kind of people who tries...

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