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445 Union Blvd, Lakewood, CO, USA
Areas of expertise: Immigration
10 years in practice
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About Aretz & Chisholm Immigration

Aretz & Company Immigration is committed to providing compassionate and knowledgeable representation to their clients. They are the immigration attorneys that families and individuals living in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, overseas and elsewhere can turn to for help in a wide range of immigration matters, including family-based immigration, removal defense, u-visas (for victims of certain crimes), political asylum, and naturalization. Aretz & Company Immigration is also available to assist their clients with other matters related to family law, employment law, and criminal law.

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Aretz & Company Immigration

We worked with the lawyer Stephanie, at the begging everything went smoothly the day of my husband's citizenship appoitment she called my husband 20min before he's appointment letting him know that she was not going to be able to make it, she had left for a vacation and didn't make it on time for her flight.
Her assistant than send us a bill and we checked it was a bill for her attendance of the appointment when she didn't show up!!! I have called the office my husband has called the office the assistants tells us the same thing that we have to pay for that bill, my husband has tried to get ahold of Stephanie her self and we get the same respond every time whatever you need we can help you! Every month now they send us a bill for a late fee.i wouldn't recommend this law firm!
This is a detailed review. I got referred to Stephanie Aretz by her fellow lawyer. When I met with her, Stephanie laid out a very detailed walk through of the timeline and the costs. When you go through the immigration process please realize how important those 2 factors are because of all the variables involved. I felt the costs were very fair (I did shop around for immigration attorneys) as was the eventual timeline of getting my green card.
Highlights of the case: I-130 got approved without an interview.
I-485 got approved over the phone (Covid Protocols, so no in person interview) within 5 minutes, with the immigration judge remarking specifically that my attorney had everything so thoroughly laid out with specifics and detail that she did not need to ask me anything.
Bravo, Stephanie!
My case will vary from yours, but I can say assuredly that I will hire Ms. Aretz again. She is well informed, kind and patient and her offices are very responsive. Never do you feel that you are in it by yourself.
No doubt, Stephanie Aretz, she save me and really give me a new life. I have known Stephanie for five years. At the beginning, when I applied for immigration status, I was almost repatriated and needed to leave USA. At the time, I lost my job and property and was poor and lonely. I have also found many lawyers. Either the price is sky-high, or it just want to receive money rather than my case success or not. Stephanie appeared in time, not only taking into account my financial problems at the time, giving me discounts and financial plans, the most important thing is that she is not like other lawyers, Stephanie can always fulfill her promise. Yesterday 12/13/2019, I took my citizenship oath, a foreigner who was almost kicked out of this country five years ago, and today is a dignified American. During my case process, Stephanie has never given me up, and she has been caring for my case even when she was sick. Now, if anyone questioned Stephanie's ability and enthusiasm, I will be the one first disagreement it. Stephanie is the best immigration lawyer.
We are so grateful for the expertise at Aretz & Chisholm! Our attorney, Emily Rivard, was a joy to work with. She was not only kind and personable, she was very knowledgeable and attentive to all of our questions and needs. She broke down the very confusing and daunting process for us, explaining and outlining worst case scenarios along with realistic expectations. Working with her step by step made the process of procuring a green card for my husband very straightforward, which was so relieving as these processes (especially the paperwork) seem notoriously convoluted. She was always very prompt with email communication as well. When Emily was out of the office on personal leave, Grace took over our case in her stead and was equally pleasant to work with, and also maintained exceptional communication with us. They are truly championing for their clients and relieved so much of our anxiety in this process. I am happy to have them with us for the duration of my husband's change of status journey.
My husband and I started our immigration process with a consultation at Aretz & Chisholm Immigration in November of 2014. Grace Chisholm was the main handler of our case (although we have interacted with Stephanie and Emily, who are both amazing as well), and from the very beginning it was clear that she not only knows the ins and outs of immigration, but she CARES about what she is doing as well. She evens speaks Spanish, which was so helpful. Grace was very upfront about how long it would take, pricing, and the amount of work it was going to take - and she gave us a quote that was very fair (I believe this now more than ever now that I know just how much work it is!). She was with us through the whole process. Her and her team have continued to help us with all our questions even though we have been in the states for two and half months already! I just can`t explain how grateful we are to have had the Aretz & Chisholm team on our side - we would never have been able to do it without them. If you want a trustworthy, dependable, and hard-working team for your immigration needs, you have to choose Aretz & Chisholm. They are worth every penny. Thank you Grace, Stephanie, Emily and team!

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