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Find Suspended License Lawyer

Suspended License

A suspended license can be a major interruption to your life. The inability to legally operate a motor vehicle can impact everything from running to the store for groceries to commuting to work. In general, there are specific legal limitations on when a license can be suspended, what kind of methods of recovery are available, and when a license can be permanently revoked.

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Loss of Driving Privileges

Getting a license suspended is usually the endpoint of some other wrongdoing. The exact requirements that lead to a license being suspended or revoked generally vary by state or even by county. Some of the most common ways that licenses are suspended are through point accrual or DUI-related violations. Additionally, a suspended license can be revoked entirely if the driver continues to violate the terms of the suspension.

Point Accrual

Driver’s license “points” are acquired whenever a driver breaks the rules of the road. This may be as simple as exceeding the speed limit or making an illegal u-turn, to something as severe as reckless driving or causing a car accident. In general, points are kept on the driver’s record for between 18 and 24 months and past a certain point threshold, the license will be suspended.

Licenses suspended for exceeding point limits may only be suspended for a limited time. For example, in Indiana points-related suspensions last for a set number of months before driving privileges are restored. In other cases, the driver may have their driving rights restored to them after they take a class.


In some cases, a DUI conviction can result in immediate suspension of driving privileges. These privileges may remain suspended until the driver completes a class or pays a fine. Additionally, if a driver refuses to submit to a breathalyzer or blood alcohol content (BAC) test then the consequence may be an immediate suspension or revocation of driving privileges.


The most extreme consequence of violating driving rules, the revocation of a license indefinitely restricts the driver from operating motor vehicles. In the event of extreme driving violations, such as those which cause physical injury, property damage, or death, the consequences may include the revocation of the individual’s driver’s license. Additionally, revocation may be a consequence of repeated violations or refusal to obey the terms of a suspension. Consequentially, revocation can occur when a driver chooses to continue to operate a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

Fighting to Protect Your Rights

Having your license suspended can cripple your ability to function. In order to prevent the total loss of driving privileges, or to appeal the decision to suspend your license, you will need the help of an experienced Traffic Law attorney. A Traffic Law attorney could prevent you from losing your driving privileges, or help you preserve driving privileges for necessary functions such as commuting or driving kids to their obligations.

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Suspended License Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many points to suspend my license?

The short answer is that it depends. In general, points for a traffic violation are added to your record for a set period of time. This period varies by state but is usually in the range of 18 to 24 months. Exceeding a point limit within the active period will result in license suspension. 

Similarly, how many points can be acquired before a license is suspended will also vary. For example, in New York drivers cannot receive more than 10 points in an 18-month period. By contrast, acquiring 20 points in Indiana will result in a one-month suspension of the defendant’s license.

2. Can I check if my license is suspended?

There are a number of ways to check the status of your driver’s license. Some state departments of motor vehicles may offer free status checks. Alternatively, you may be able to purchase a complete driving record from the state, the court clerk’s office, or a private vendor. These services will show what violations are on your record and how many points you have active on your license. 

3. How do I get my license suspended?

There are multiple ways to get a license suspended. The most common reason for license suspension is the cumulative acquisition of violation points. However, in some cases, there are infractions that immediately suspend the license. Examples of this can include refusing to submit to a blood alcohol test or being convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

4. Can I get a suspended license reinstated?

A suspended license is different from a revoked license in that the suspension is usually temporary. The suspension may be time-locked, such as a month-long suspension, or if may hinge on the driver completing a form or course. Even in cases where a license has been submitted as the result of some misconduct, there will usually be a pathway to reinstating the license. 

5. Can I get insurance with a suspended license?

Having a suspended license does not automatically restrict you from acquiring insurance. However, having a suspended license can make acquiring insurance difficult. While there is no law outlawing insuring a person with a suspended license, insurance companies may be wary of a person with a suspended license. 

Oftentimes insurance companies will investigate the driving record of a potential client. If the insurance company discovers that your license was suspended due to a pattern of reckless or illegal driving, they may charge significantly higher rates or refuse to insure you outright. If you already have insurance and your license gets suspended, you will not automatically lose coverage.

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