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Find Truck Accidents Lawyer

Truck Accidents

Trucks are some of the biggest vehicles on the road. As such, they are the most dangerous type of vehicle to be involved in an accident. Their size and mass can easily lead to increased damage to property and injury rates compared to cars or motorcycles.

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Bigger Vehicles with Bigger Responsibilities

Trucks are a staple of the American roadway. From commercial trucks that haul vital cargo, to recreational trucks driven for fun, there are many types of truck on the road with different consequences and paths to compensation for each.

Recreational Truck Accidents

Trucks are a common vehicle for recreational drivers. Particularly favored in more rural areas, trucks are hardy and sport advantageous carrying capacity. In order to have the increased tow and carrying capacity that makes them so appealing, trucks are often more massive than other vehicles. This means that if a truck is involved in an accident, it is more likely to cause damage than to be caused damage. If a truck does damage or injure an individual it is often the truck’s insurance that will have to pay the claim.

Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial truck drivers are held to a much higher standard than normal drivers. They must qualify for a commercial driver’s license. If they are involved in an accident, not only will there be civil consequences, the truck driver’s commercial license could be suspended or even revoked. In addition to personal liability and consequences, a commercial truck accident can also potentially expose the company who hired the driver to liability.

Giving You The Advocacy You Deserve

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Truck Accidents Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do after a truck accident

Immediately after a truck accident the first thing that should be done is to assess all participants’ situations. If anyone is hurt, the first priority should be calling 911 to bring EMTs to the scene. If no one is hurt, the next step should be to call the non-emergency police line in order to report the accident and get an officer to the scene to record the account of the incident. Once the police are on their way, it is important to exchange information with the other drivers. Finally, individuals should contact their own insurance provider to establish next steps.

2. How much does car insurance go up after a truck accident?

How much insurance rises following a truck crash varies greatly depending on a variety of factors. Some factors affecting premiums include who is at fault, how severe the accident is, whether an injury occurred, and whether the accident is part of a pattern of irresponsible behavior.

3. How long after a truck accident can one claim injury?

The exact window that someone has to report an injury following a truck accident varies by state. In general, most injuries should be assessed or reported within 30 days of the date of the accident. 

4. Should I get a police report for a truck accident?

If you have been involved in a truck vehicle accident, you should receive a copy of the police report. The police report is the official record of the incident and can be vital to responding to insurance or challenging claims.

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