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Find Tenant Rights Lawyer

Tenant Rights

While in theory a tenant and a landlord are meant to be equals, the reality of the situation can be far different. A tenant is seeking a fundamental need: housing, while the landlord does not have the same urgency in filling their properties.

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Protecting Leasing Parties

Tenant’s rights exist to protect individuals seeking to rent from the power imbalance that landlords can be perceived to have over others. There are some protections that have been federally suggested, as well as common examples of renter’s rights that are afforded from state to state.

Federal Tenant’s Rights

The U.S. Government has endeavored to create a renter’s bill of rights in order to protect tenants from abuse. According to the White House, the main points of the renter’s bill of rights is to protect a tenant’s right to:
- Safe, Quality, Accessible and Affordable Housing
- Clear and Fair Leases
- Education, Enforcement, and Enhancement of Renter Rights
- The Right to Organize
- Eviction Prevention, Diversion, and Relief
If these laws are implemented on a federal level, then many states will have their tenant’s rights expanded.

Examples of Tenant’s Rights

A tenant has several rights including the right to habitable circumstances. What defines habitability will vary from state to state. For example, it has been found that air conditioning is vital for maintaining habitability in Florida, but it may not be necessary for renting in a state like Alaska. Additionally, tenants have a right to reclaim their deposit if the landlord does not contest it. Additionally, even if the landlord does contest the security deposit, tenants have a right to an itemized list of withholdings.

Helping You Command The Market

If you are living in a situation in which you feel that your tenant’s rights are being violated, you will need the help of an experienced real estate law attorney. A real estate attorney is able to focus completely on your case, zealously advocate for your interests, and get you the best possible outcome.

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Tenant Rights Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are tenants rights?

Tenant’s rights are a series of legal protections that exist to protect individuals who are renting a property from overreach and abuse from the landlord. The rights afforded to a tenant are outlined in the lease, state law, and federal law.

2. What rights do tenants have without a lease?

Without a lease, tenants are restricted to the rights given by the state or federal laws protecting them. If at all possible, tenants should always try to get all agreements in writing with their landlord.

3. What type of lawyer can help me as a tenant?

If you feel that your rights as a tenant are being violated, you will need an experienced real estate attorney to handle your claim. In order to ensure the best possible outcome for your case, you will need an attorney with a proven track record and high levels of client care. The best place to find such an attorney is at Attorney at Law.

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