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Find Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Residential Real Estate

Everyone needs a home. Many people choose to rent for their entire lives whether due to preference or financial factors. However, some people make the leap to homeownership. When it comes time to purchase the piece of property that will hopefully become a home, it is important to understand the relevant residential real estate law.

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Capital Partners Law

4 years in practice
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Capital Partners Law

4 years in practice
Binding Contracts, Breach of Contract, Business Arbitration, Business Contracts, Business Dissolution
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Helping Connect Buyers to Homes

Residential real estate law exists to allow different parties involved in the purchase or sale of real estate to be able to deal fairly in a legally binding system. Understanding who uses residential real estate law as well as the benefits of hiring a residential real estate attorney can give many first-time property owners an edge in the field.

Who Uses Residential Real Estate Law?

There are three main parties that will use residential real estate law: buyers, sellers, and lenders. Buyers obviously refer to the party or parties who are purchasing a home. In general, buyer are expected to be honest in their applications and conduct due diligence as to the condition of the home.

Sellers refer to anyone who is trying to give possession of a piece of property over to another party in exchange for some amount of money. Sellers are expected to deal honestly, not hiding any major or minor flaws with the property that could positively or negatively affect the fair market value of the home.

Lenders refer to parties who loan some amount of capital to a party, usually buyers, in order to afford to pay another, usually the seller. Lenders can be banks but they can also be credit unions or private companies. Lenders are expected to be honest and forthright with the terms of the loans they give, not hiding clauses or negative drawbacks from the borrower before signing.

Why Hire a Residential Real Estate Attorney?

Residential real estate attorneys can be useful in a number of contexts. In some states, it is required that a real estate attorney be present at the sale. In general though, having a real estate attorney look over the purchase and lender agreements can be a wise investment as the experienced attorney can spot trouble signs and red flags in these contracts that might not be immediately apparent to a layperson.

Helping You Command The Market

If you are looking to purchase, or sell a piece of residential real estate, you will need the help of an experienced real estate law attorney. A real estate attorney is able to focus completely on your case, zealously advocate for your interests, and get you the best possible outcome.

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Residential Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is residential real estate?

Residential real estate law covers all aspects of the process of purchasing a house, condominium, or other plot of land zoned for residential use. Residential real estate law could also cover the leasing of land such as rental property or apartments depending on the jurisdiction. Residential real estate law outlines best practices and mandates for buyers, sellers, and lenders.

2. How can I find a residential real estate lawyer?

Whether you need a residential real estate attorney to satisfy your area’s statute, or you want an enthusiastic advocate for your interests, finding a good, experienced real estate attorney is paramount. If you want to find the best attorney in your area while cutting through the quagmire of unscrupulous and overpriced attorneys, you need Attorney at Law. At AAL, our nationwide network of attorneys is hand-picked to ensure that the firms we partner with get excellent results while excelling in client care.

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