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Auto Accidents, Birth Injury, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury
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Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect, Personal Injury, Premises Liability
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About the Kentucky Legal System

There are two federal courts in Kentucky: a state supreme and a state court. In addition, there is a trial court with limited and general jurisdiction.

Nonpartisan elections are used to select Kentucky state court judges. Multiple-term judges must run for reelection. The federal courts in Kentucky are The United States District Court of the Eastern District of Kentucky, and The United States District Court of the Western District of Kentucky.

The Kentucky Supreme Court was established in 1975 and currently has seven judgeships. John D. Minton, Jr., is the current chief of this court. The court is made up of seven justices, who are elected from each appellate district and serve eight-year terms. The court selects the chief judge for a term of 4 years. The court is a panel of lower courts that hears appeals and gives rulings in cases. It is also responsible to establish rules and procedures for state courts, including conduct for judges and attorneys.

The Kentucky Court of Appeals serves as the intermediate appellate court for Kentucky. The Kentucky Court of Appeals used to be the only appellate court before the 1975 amendment to Kentucky's Constitution created the Kentucky Supreme Court. The court is made up of 14 members, each serving eight-year terms. Each state has seven appellate court districts, and two judges are elected to the court. The court hears cases in three-judge panels. Each judge is assigned a panel and rotates so that each judge can be on at least one panel every year. Although the court's headquarters is in Frankfort in Kentucky, three-judge panels hear cases throughout the state.

The Kentucky Circuit Courts have general jurisdiction over civil cases involving more than $5,000, capital offenses, felonies, land title cases, and contested probate cases.

Circuit courts have a family division that retains general jurisdiction in cases involving marriage, divorce, and adoption as well as the termination of parental rights.

The Kentucky District Courts have limited jurisdiction and are trial courts. These courts are responsible for arraignments and cases relating to domestic violence and abuse. The terms of district court judges are four years.

About Kentucky

On June 1, 1792, Kentucky became the 15th state in the Union. It split from Virginia during this time. Kentucky is also known as the Bluegrass State. This nickname was derived from Kentucky bluegrass, a type of green grass found in Kentucky's pastures. It has been a supporter of the thoroughbred horse industry. It was once known for its excellent farming conditions. This led to the establishment of large tobacco plantations in the western and central parts of the state, similar to those found in Virginia and North Carolina. The use of slave labor during the Antebellum South period and the Civil War period also helped. Kentucky is ranked 5th nationally for goat farming, 8th for beef cattle production, and 14th for corn production. Kentucky is also a major center for the tobacco industry. Kentucky's economy is now a major player in other sectors such as auto manufacturing, fuel production, and medical facilities. According to the US, Kentucky ranks fourth in terms of the number of trucks and automobiles manufactured.

Mammoth Cave National Park is the state's longest and most extensive cave system. It also has the largest number of navigable streams and waterways in the United States. The state also boasts the two largest man-made lakes east of the Mississippi River. Kentucky is also well-known for its culture. It includes horse racing and moonshine, coal mining, automobile manufacturing, tobacco and bluegrass music as well as college basketball, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Louisville Slugger baseball bats.

Kentucky Lawyers FAQs

How much does a lawyer cost in Kentucky?

While prices between lawyers may vary, the average price per hour for a lawyer is between $120 and $380 per hour. Since prices may vary, be sure to ask potential lawyers for their pricing information before moving forward with them.

How do I find a lawyer in Kentucky?

With Attorney At Law’s search widget, it’s easy to find lawyers near you. Just select the practice area you’re looking for and the location you need, and AAL will automatically gather all relevant results.

How many active attorneys are there in Kentucky?

There are approximately 13,500 active lawyers in the state of Kentucky. This number reflects all lawyers registered with The State Bar of Kentucky.

Who licenses attorneys in Kentucky?

The Kentucky State Bar licenses all attorneys in Kentucky. A lawyer that is not licensed by the state bar association cannot practice law in full capacity.

How can I get free advice?

If you’re looking for free advice, you can browse hundreds of articles on Attorney At Law’s blog, or reach out for free advice.


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