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The Rose Law Firm, LLC

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811 20th Street South, Birmingham, Alabama 35205, USA
Areas of expertise: Divorce & Family Law
15 years in practice
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When you have any family law issue, it's important that you place your trust in a divorce attorney or law firm who will give your case the respect it deserves and fight for your family as if it were their own, that's us. Our aim is to take as much stress out of a stressful situation as possible while guiding you toward a happy resolution so that you can get on to the next phase of your life. We go the extra mile to get the best possible outcome for your case and would be honored should you choose our family law firm to represent you with your legal matters. We're here to help guide you through all of your Alabama family law issues.

The Rose Law Firm, LLC  Areas of Practice

Divorce & Family Law

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Google Reviews

The Rose Law Firm, LLC

They actually care here about what happens to their cases and it shows on the customer service. For example, Jennifer not only gave me her personal phone number but she answered my calls and texts with questions even as late as midnight (I work 3rd shift at the hospital). Plus she's really fighting for me and I know my circumstances aren't exact
easy. Best service ever! 5 stars all around.
Mrs. Rose is the best! Unfortunately this isnt my first divorce so I didn’t have high hopes for the outcome but she actually got things done faster than expected and with better results than I thought would be possible. Was able to keep my relationship with my kids and didn’t lose my shirt in the process. Worth every penny.
The team here is fantastic! Attention to detail was great and I got the desired outcome I was looking for. Plus they were very personable and made me feel welcome every time I came into the office. Wouldnt go anywhere else for my legal needs!
I was referred by to Jennifer at Rose Law Firm by a friend of mine. I've had iffy experiences with other law firms in the past, but Jennifer was very helpful, answered all of my questions and concerns, and made me feel extremely comfortable and confident in her ability. Jennifer is amazing at her job, and I will definitely be referring her to friends and family.
Read the fine print of your agreement carefully before you sign. Every text, email, phone call... any kind of contact whatsoever and they will charge you. Even if they make a phone call and the other person does not answer- you get charged. This firm nickel and dimed me throughout my entire divorce and during the last month I was charged over $30,000 as they knew my case was coming to a close so they wanted every penny they could get. The office manager Dawn took forever to get out her invoices (once she even went almost 3 months and blamed it on Covid) and then when she finally decided to send an invoice it immediately came with a request for more money. The invoices are "detailed" but you can't even prove if the charges are legit. BE CAREFUL of any card you use to pay your bill because Dawn will charge that card to the fullest, even if it is not the registered card on file, while you try to gather money to pay them. I am pretty sure that is illegal. In the end, all my lawyer got me was a settlement that could have been done in a few months- not 14 months. Also, when I finally got my settlement check (my ex-husband's firm made it out to their firm- very convenient) they took money out of it WITHOUT my authorization- which I hadn't even agreed to. The last month of my divorce I realized I went with a firm that was all about taking everything I had. They have ZERO boundaries. Go to another firm

Yelp Reviews

Sean M.
I was referred by to Jennifer at Rose Law Firm by a friend of mine. I've had iffy experiences with other law firms in the past, but Jennifer was very...
Lisa T.
They will go through your retainer quickly. They will charge for any phone call to make an appointment, confirm and appointment, leave a message. They are...
Amy B.
Buyer Beware - this law firm will use your entire retainer within a few weeks and start asking for more money almost immediately. Go somewhere else they...

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811 20th Street South, Birmingham, Alabama 35205, USA

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