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3000 Crescent Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama 35209, USA
Areas of expertise: Divorce & Family Law
15 years in practice
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Shane Smith, a native of Athens, Alabama, fulfilled a lifelong dream by starting Steel City Law in early 2017. Shane previously served as an attorney for Legal Services Alabama, Lloyd & Hogan, P.C., and was a shareholder at White Arnold & Dowd. The entirety of Shane’s career has been devoted to the practice of family and matrimonial law, with over ten years of experience in the field. He received his B.A. In Psychology from Auburn University in 1998, his M.S. in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2002, and his J.D. from Birmingham School of a Law in 2006.

Steel City Law, LLC  Areas of Practice

Divorce & Family Law

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Steel City Law

Shane was able to guide me through my divorce with ease., He came highly recommended by my son and he patiently walked me through something I had been dreading for years. I would recommend Shane Smith to family, friends and anyone needing a good attorney. I am happily divorced thanks to Shane!!!
I came to Shane after seeing his reviews. His reviews seemed almost too good to be true but it was worth it to go visit him considering the situation I was in that my attorney could not represent me anymore for various reasons that had to do with her knowing my opponent's attorney, conflict of interest, etc. If you're reading this now consider this a blessing that you are considering Steel city law. Shane was such a wonderful experience that I'm almost sad to see it's over. Not really lol, but he's been so wonderful. My very first conversation was Shane and Dennis Left me with so much hope going forward into the case. They were so knowledgeable and so optimistic about what I had presented to them and that never changed throughout the entire process. Dennis, his paralegal, is so very thorough. Moreover, there are moments where I broke down on the phone with Dennis worried about finances and trying to afford all of the accusations that my ex-wife was pouring on against me. Dennis did a very good job of talking to me and being more of a friend than a person I had hired. Every single thing that Shane responded to, he responded with complete professionalism, and completely shut down. Shane's knowledge of law is vast And it showed during the trial hearing. Without going into detail because I don't want to put anyone's information or business out here, Shane took the case that we had built and completely annihilated and shot holes through everything that was put against us. There are not enough words for me to express how grateful I am for searching and finding Steel City law. The outcome of my case could have drastically changed my family's lives and he did such a great job that he actually improved our lives. I will forever be thankful for Shane and Dennis and the work they put into this for me and just getting to know them as humans was a cherry on top. These guys are good people. Very good people. I will forever recommend them to anyone that is looking for someone to represent them.
Shane is an amazing attorney. During one of the hardest times of my life he told me, "I got this, and you will be ok." And, I was! Shane give you customized legal attention along with his amazing Paralegal Dennis. I cannot say enough about these two individuals. I spoke with many attorneys before selecting Steel City Law - all of them were simply trying to get my money. Steel City Law cared more about me as a person, and that I was ok, and get this, actually LISTENED and responded appropriately.
I have worked with Shane and Steel City Law on countless cases. They are a pleasure to work with, are compassionate and are zealous advocates for every client. Highly recommend the team at Steel City.
I stated in previous review that I would be back with an update.. so here ya go! My motto so far in this journey is STICK WITH pay for what you get people ( in my experience this far).

If you want someone who will listen and read all of your emails but then AND THIS IS THE KEY : Retain your information and comprehend it. Shane takes action, gives advice ( even the hard kind that I would normally only listen to if was from my mom R.I.P) for that I do appreciate.

In addition, the fact there's no b.s. (in my opinion there is too much b.s. in the world) and quite frankly Alot of talk but no action.

Its been refreshing to encounter, so do your research as always.
In conclusion
My review stays the same
Hats off to Shane and Dennis 👏🙌

Yelp Reviews

Joch M.
Idk what this Laura lady is talking about (possibly reviewing the wrong person??). Shane has been advising me on some complicated legal issues for the last...
Laura W.
My husband and I hired Shane Smith for representation on retainer for a family matter and he did nothing but take our money. Shane was borderline verbally...

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3000 Crescent Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama 35209, USA

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