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202 E Earll Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA
Areas of expertise: Divorce & Family Law, Personal Injury
19 years in practice
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In 1999, I received my green card after immigrating to the U.S. from Russia. Beyond granting me the rights to be a permanent U.S. resident, the green card application process also inspired me to become an attorney. You see, my own immigration attorney dropped the ball, and I ended up completing most of the application on my own. After familiarizing myself with U.S. immigration law and successfully receiving my green card, I figured I could help other immigrants with the process, too. So, the same year I became a permanent legal U.S. resident, I also took the LSAT and enrolled in law school. As my education progressed, I began to cultivate an interest in many areas of the law, and I decided it was best not to limit myself to any one subset. I have continually found that my broad background allows me to better see the big picture and more effectively resolve individual cases. For example, if a person who owns a business comes to me seeking a divorce, my knowledge of business law would allow me to help restructure his or her company or complete a buyout of the other spouse’s interest, and my real estate training would assist me in negotiating the terms of their current lease agreement, or a new agreement if they decide to relocate the business.

Law Office of Roman A Kostenko, PLC Areas Of Practice

Divorce & Family Law
Personal Injury

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Law Office of Roman A. Kostenko, PLC

Divorce is by far the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. I hired Roman to assist me with my case when my ex husband decided he was entitled to more than he agreed to in our original petition that we filed together. Roman prepared me as much as he could through effective communication and set the stage for me to explain the legal process to me, which I am not familiar with as I had never been in this situation before. Roman is patient, honest, forthcoming and extremely knowledgable about law. We won my case as a result of his persistence and conveying the truth. I highly recommend Roman to anyone going through this major life change. I feel I was charged reasonably for the hard work he put in for me. Thank you so much Roman!
Roman helped me through my divorce from my husband of 18 years. Roman took his time walking me through the process and answering any questions I had along the way. He was very detailed and comprehensive. Things proceeded exactly as he had laid them out so there were no surprises. I have had some questions after my divorce was finalized and Roman responded right away with comprehensive answers. I feel very lucky to have found Roman to help me through my divorce.
I am a lawyer so it was a new experience for me to be a client. I am a high performer and I have outrageously high standards, but Roman exceeded expectations. He devoted the necessary time to my complex real estate matter early in the representation, ensuring an outstanding result. The other side essentially capitulated, and as an attorney I know from experience that this was the result of focused worked performed by an expert in the field. Thanks Roman!
I have been trying to choose between two highly recommend lawyers and I am happy that I did the absolutely right choice. Roman not just another smart lawyer, he has brilliant, bright mind. Also he has patience and understanding to you and your problems. He can see all the errors from the first look. Yes sometimes it will take time to get a response from him because he's really busy, but believe me its worth it to wait. Who will be my next lawyer? For me It's not a question, of course Roman!
hired last year and with this year already ending he had done NOTHING but file a court paper for divorce. I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND. Look elsewhere for someone who will handle your case with respect and urgency because it’s NOT with this man .

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Ian S.
My wife and I used Roman to assist with a custody issue with her daughter/my stepdaughter.

While Roman presents himself professionally with his attire and...

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