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3200 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA
Areas of expertise: Bankruptcy
24 years in practice
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Founded in 1984, Jaburg Wilk offers extensive experience, diversity in practice areas and the ability to think like a business owner. We are an Arizona mid-sized AV rated law firm, the highest rating that a law firm can receive. Our attorneys, paralegals, and other support staff meet our clients' diverse legal needs and provide exceptional service through our 27 Fundamentals which comprise The JW Way.

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Jaburg Wilk

Mr. Moring is AMAZING!!!! Answered all of my questions, contacted when he said he would and was so nice and kind and friendly
Don't believe everything you read on the internet.
Mr. Marton has saved my life in so many ways. He has helped me though my legal trouble and helped me navigate the long path with excellent advice. I have already recommended him to colleagues and would continue to do so. He is worth it and his staff is al very helpful as well. Thank you Mr. Marton and Kimberly.
I contacted Mr. Kraig Marton’s assistant Kimberly for a phone appointment.
Her response was a little discouraging as they charge $450 for a phone consultation and booking out almost 2 weeks in a pandemic.
I decided to make the appointment anyways and gave the credit card number before I even talk to the attorney. I knew right off they were about the money and not helping the client but I was kind of stuck at the time.
Kraig called on the schedule day and we discussed my issues he collected our $450 and we received an email letter three or four days later.
The letter outlined a game plan to go forward if we chose to. I’ll send you the paperwork for the retainer when you would like to move forward if what they told me.
Roughly 3 weeks later we chose to contact Craig again to hire him regarding the same matter that got more urgent.
We contacted his assistant on a Wednesday 3/3 on a time sensitive issue and we had to call them on Monday 3/8 because no response was given.
Kraig’s response was completely opposite of the letter that he wrote when he charged us $450 for a phone consultation. We questioned him about it providing him with a copy of his own letter under legal issues he has listed three items we were able to sue for.THEN he advised us that we need to find another attorney IF WE ARE SEEKING FINANCIAL GAIN. I don’t know if he is senile or retired or what but their lack of response and lack of professionalism is mine boggling that this guy still an attorney.
Completely unethical to charge $450 for a phone consultation and then to completely change your mind three weeks later as we were trying to hire you.
Hope you can sleep at night because you should be refunding our money.
I will also be filing a state board complaint.

Stay away from this overpriced attorney as he is only out to charge and do as little work as possible.
I have been around Jaburg & Wilk since I was young. They have always done a very good job representing my father and myself in our professional lives and have also helped steer our personal lives. They are very good business attorneys in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, amongst other practice area's. I would highly recommend using the services that Jaburg & Wilk offer if you are ever in need of a lawyer for any reason. If they do not provide the specific services you are looking for, they will refer you to a very good attorney who is not affiliated with their firm. Great people, great customer service, great lawyers, all at affordable prices.

Yelp Reviews

If you're encountering an incident and need to involve an attorney consider hiring this firm. They are not only professional, knowledgeable and efficient,...
Gene G.
Mervyn Braude was my Attorney in my divorce proceedings. This was a very
difficult case. The respondent would not cooperate, and was trying to run my
Mark S.
HIred MItch Reishman to handle my divorce at the recommendation of a friend. My friend told me Mitch is like a surgeon and cuts through the garbage to...

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3200 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA

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