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Improovy Painters Phoenix, 3101 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA
Areas of expertise: Auto Accidents, Criminal Defense
31 years in practice
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About Blackwell Law Office

Mr. Jocquese L. Blackwell served in the United States Army as a Morse Code Interceptor and Cryptographic Analyst while stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He was a part of the unique and dedicated 519th Military Intelligence Battalion of the 18th Airborne Corps. He was honorably discharged in 1994 as a sergeant and squad Leader. After leaving the Army, he was accepted into the Engineering program at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. While at N.C. A&T, he studied Chemical Engineering and graduated in 3 1/2 years with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

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Blackwell Law Office Reviews

Google Reviews


Tee Ross

I am writing this review as I am CURRENTLY trying to get in contact with Mr. Blackwell. His phone number is active but is never answered. I have documented 75 unanswered calls to this law firm since 06/15/2023. no voiclemails returned. THE ADDRESS IS NOT HIS OFFICE.


B. A.

Simply the BEST... Trust Mr. Blackwell his knowledge of the law is what will get you RESULTS... He is honest, ethical, caring, understanding, will treat you with respect and listen to you. Just tell him the truth and he will take over from there. He has your best interest in mind . I would recommend his services to everyone. His commutation skills are great. His knowledge of the law found me NOT GUIlTY... I am very pleased with Mr. Blackwell and his team of professionals... If you want RESULTS you need Mr. Blackwell.... Bob A


Maelene Bedoni

Mr. Jocquese Blackwell and Gill Bernard are the best attorneys. They represented my boyfriend after being charged with assault. We went to trial today and there were 5 witnesses against me. There were 2 cops and 3 witnesses. Mr. Blackwell proved that the accusations against me were false and the court ruled that I was not guilty on all counts!!! If you are ever in need of a great attorney please call Blackwell Law Office. C. H.


PEN sword

Mr. Jocquese Blackwell, is an outstanding attorney, who believes in the law and its intent. He is a pugilist, who is not judgmental, will listen to his clients and advise them wisely. Also, to show that regardless of how messed up your case is, even if previous counsel was not effective, if you are innocent, Mr. Blackwell can take a complex mess and turn it around. Mr. Blackwell has a “down to earth” approach and will be honest with his clients to work for their best interests. My advice to prospective client is to be 100% honest with Mr. Blackwell, because he can not defend you, if he is blindsided by any facts you knew but did not tell him about. Once he is your advocate, you can expect Mr. Blackwell to be dedicated, hardworking, organized, up to date on the law, technology and how to conduct himself in a courtroom. He was professional with all the parties involved and was respectful but unwavering when speaking with judges and prosecutors, in his effort to defend me. Mr. Blackwell genuinely cared about me and my case. He got an investigator to work with us and although it was not necessary, our investigator (a retired law enforcement officer) was ready and eager to testify on my behalf. Despite all the antics on the part of the police officers and prosecutors involved, Mr. Blackwell displayed a measured temperament with a perceptive, sharp mind to catch all the little lies that were told to the jury by my accusers and he pointed out the absurdity of those lies, which obviously influenced the jury in our favor. As a Veteran of the U.S. Army, he swore an oath to defend the United States Constitution, and he seems to adopt the ideology that his oath never expired, and as a criminal defense attorney, he is doing just as much to defend our Constitution and our laws, now as he did in the military. He makes an unparalleled amount of sacrifice, working on weekends / holidays with his clients, if the need arises. Mr. Jocquese Blackwell is a true client’s attorney, not one of the many who refuse to fight for you against an apathetic system, because Mr. Blackwell will not “go along, to get along” just to appease his opposition. Mr. Blackwell operates in a principled manner, with a passion that only a dedicated family man could do, defending our nations laws, because he knows our future generations will inherit what we leave behind. Mr. Blackwell carries himself in a courtroom with humble confidence and a decorum, rarely seen today. If my memory serves me correctly, it was Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers, who said “For it is better for ten guilty men to go free, than for one innocent man to suffer.” Something obviously lost in the quagmire of our courts, law enforcement, and prosecutors currently in Maricopa County, but a principle that Mr. Blackwell obviously incorporates into his legal practice for his clients. I hope to never need his services again, this was the first time I have ever needed a criminal defense attorney, but should the need arise, I have and will keep, Mr. Jocquese Blackwell on speed-dial, on my cell phone and so should you.


Jess Yo

I would recommend Mr. Blackwell any day to any one!!! He is very knowledgeable of the law and because of that got my assault charged dismissed. Extremely grateful!!!! He was able to do exactly what he said he would, which is rare nowadays. I can't thank Mr. Blackwell enough!!!!!

Yelp Reviews


Ivan W.

If I could give this crooked D bag no stars, I would. Hired him to help with a simple car accident back in 2019 and still going through it with this guy....


David J.

Wife and I hired him due to a near deadly incident involving a major chain restaurant franchise here in the East Valley. His level of incompetency was epic....


Azen E.

I was harassed and threatened by bullies, so I defended myself with pepper spray. The police charged me with assault and threat since there weren't...

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Improovy Painters Phoenix, 3101 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA
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Blackwell Law Office Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Blackwell Law Office located?

Blackwell Law Office is located at Improovy Painters Phoenix, 3101 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA.

What are Blackwell Law Office areas of expertise?

Blackwell Law Office areas of expertise are: Auto Accidents, Criminal Defense.

How many years is Blackwell Law Office in practice?

Blackwell Law Office is in practice for 31 years.

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