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Ascent Law LLC

8833 South Redwood Road, West Jordan, Utah 84088, USA
Areas of expertise: Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law, DUI Law
7 years in practice
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About Ascent Law LLC

Ascent Law Firm - Utah Personal Injury Lawyers

Ascent Law Firm is known for providing high quality legal services. Ascent Law Firm offers a broad range of legal services. We consider ourselves to be a full-service law firm. Ascent Law Firm is licensed as Attorneys and Counselors in Utah.
Clients are encouraged to arrange pertinent documents before the first meeting to ensure that the firm can provide affordable legal services. This organization will reduce time and allow the firm's legal analysis to be more efficient. During your first visit, you will be accompanied by a licensed attorney.
Ascent Law can help with any type of legal issue. Ascent Law Firm will address your concerns personally when they begin working with you in a legal matter.

About Ascent Law Firm

Ascent Law Firm offers full-service law services. Please give us a shout if you have any questions about any aspect of law. Ascent Law Firm can assist you if you are unable to. Ascent Law Firm will send an expert who can help with your particular circumstances.
Ascent Law Firm has a wealth experience and skills to benefit our clients in Salt Lake City and Provo, Ogden and Orem. Ascent Law Firm are Utah Attorneys and we work hard to help our clients achieve their goals. You don't have to live in West Jordan or Sandy if you need legal assistance in Utah. Utah is the home of our attorneys. We are passionate about helping others and love using our legal skills to benefit those we represent. You have options when it comes to choosing an attorney. Ascent Law Firm are experts in the law. We are able to effectively advocate for ordinary people, as well as educated individuals who require international business contracts. You can get help with everything from setting up a corporation to planning your estate to settling a real property title dispute to getting a loved one into a nursing facility without going bankrupt.

Ascent Law Firm Locations

Ascent Law, LLC is a full service law firm. If you have a question about any area of law, please give us a call. If we cannot assist you, we will bring in an expert that can help you with your specific circumstances. Ascent Law, LLC possesses a wealth of experience and skills for the benefit of our clients in the following locations in Utah:
  • Salt Lake City
  • Provo
  • Ogden
  • Orem
  • South Jordan
  • Sandy
  • Murray
  • Bountiful
  • West Jordan
  • Holladay
  • Midvale

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Ascent Law LLC Areas Of Practice

Criminal Defense
Divorce & Family Law

Ascent Law LLC Reviews

Google Reviews



Michael Reed, a divorce attorney with Ascent Law, managed my divorce case with professionalism and empathy. He patiently listened to my story and then diligently worked to tailor the divorce process in a way that conveyed my wish to treat my now former wife with respect and dignity. Divorce is painful and expensive. It can take you to places which stretch and change who you are. Mr. Reed understands this, and for my case he used empathetic restraint by allowing the process to move at a slower pace which was considerate of my damaged emotional and spiritual sensitivities. I would say, avoid divorce if you can. Search for ways to learn and adapt and change together as a loving couple, as a team. If divorce seems to be the only solution, after you have diligently worked to save your marriage, then I would recommend Michael Reed. He was professional in every way, he was extraordinarily patient, he actually listened, and he sincerely acknowledged my deep pain and my immeasurable loss.


Nicole Sexton

Absolutely recommend! The process was explained clearly and thoroughly. We were nervous but Michael helped to ease the nerves by explains each step before it happened. The team also stayed in contact for all updates and were pleasant to work with.


Jake Cowart

A little backstory: My daughter had been having some behavioral issues at school. One afternoon I get a call from the principal. She wanted to scream at me about how bad my daughter had been behaving that day. I went down to the school and let her know very clearly that I was not ok with being yelled at by a school administrator. A few days pass and lo and behold, I hear that CPS (or whatever Utah calls it) had been to the school to interview my daughter and my neighbor said they were by the house looking for me while I was at work. My daughter just moved in with me full time last December. I’m new to this and not sure what to do. I googled what to do, I jumped on tiktok, and I even contacted my old attorney. They all yielded the same results, Do not let CPS in your house! Do not answer any questions! This doesn’t feel right. I’m an honest single dad and I’m doing my best. Why can’t I just let them in and answer the questions? The agent reached out and asked if she could come “see the house.” Before I respond to the text I took a chance and just googled family attorneys. I called one of them (Ascent Law) and got Mike L. He was clear that he wasn’t offering me legal advice and that he was not an attorney. He just told me that the best outcome seem to come to those who don’t make it hard for the agent to do their job. He explained that it’s not exactly a fun job to have and some kindness and honesty will go a long way. He said if you have nothing to hide then just let them do their job. I was relieved that I was finally getting advice that agreed with my initial gut feeling of: just be kind, honest, and let them do their job. I responded to the text and set a time for them to come and see the house and talk. The agent came over and we walked through the house. I answered a few questions and we had a pleasant exchange. She offered some parenting resources and actually commended me on the job I was doing as a single dad. To be honest, I kinda wanted to ask her out. She called me a few days later to tell me my case was dropped. :) My experience with the department of human child protection or whatever they’re called was quick and painless. That is completely due to the great advice I was freely given because I called Ascent Law. I HIGHLY recommend Ascent Law!! And don’t get legal advice from TikTok!


snow “roger” cat

These guys are top-notch really helpful, they've. Got a great system. I would highly recommend just going and checking them out and having a brief conference with them Then you can decide what to do. Their rates are very reasonable and they're knowledgeable. Thank you for helping me out. if you don'tbut I would definitely test the waters and move forward with them.t


Maria Powel

Highly recommended. Thank you Ascent Law for your help with the processing of selling my house. Mike was very communicative! Much appreciated. Everything went smoothly and as planned. Thank you!

Yelp Reviews


Lydia G.

Hmmm so many bad reviews. I'll be completely honest. I did not utilize this firms services. I live in California but I wanted to help my family with a...


Sara K.

Unfortunately, I am out $750 without any new insight. I was told by case management that the attorney was very familiar with provider contracts, but that...


Linda L.

I had a not great experience. I felt like I was telling my attorney everything to do instead of him telling me what needed to be done. I lost a lot of...

Ascent Law LLC Locations

8833 South Redwood Road, West Jordan, Utah 84088, USA


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Ascent Law LLC Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ascent Law LLC located?

Ascent Law LLC is located at 8833 South Redwood Road, West Jordan, Utah 84088, USA.

What are Ascent Law LLC areas of expertise?

Ascent Law LLC areas of expertise are: Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law, DUI Law.

How many years is Ascent Law LLC in practice?

Ascent Law LLC is in practice for 7 years.

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