Find Family Arbitration Lawyer

Find Family Arbitration Lawyer

Family Arbitration

When most people think of settling a family law dispute, their minds often go to pitched court room battles with heated debates and intense emotions. This can occur when there is a family law dispute, but it doesn’t have to. Family arbitration offers an alternative to the emotionally and financially draining process of a courtroom showdown.

A More Cooperative Approach

Family arbitration seeks to foster an environment of compromise and understanding where all parties can have their say and come to a reasonable conclusion. This system has a number of advantages over a courtroom battle as well as some notable disadvantages.

Family Arbitration Advantages

The advantages of family law arbitration are both mental and financial. Mentally, family law arbitration is a far more relaxed and casual affair than a formal courtroom debate. This can put both sides at ease and foster a more cooperative environment. Rather than a judge ordering outcomes, the arbiter is there simply as an impartial third party who will encourage both sides to come together on the issues.

In addition, arbitration is often far less expensive than a traditional courtroom battle. Instead of a lengthy court battle filled with attorney and filing fees, arbitration can take only a few hours spread out over a series of weeks. While arbiters are paid hourly, the total amount of time spent in arbitration can be far lower than time spent in a courtroom, resulting in a net savings.

Family Arbitration Disadvantages

While family arbitration has some advantages, it is not perfect. An arbiter that is an impartial judge can be good for facilitating discourse, but they cannot force a party to cooperate. This means that for parties who are stubbornly set against one another and unwilling to compromise on any issue, arbitration may not be very effective. In these cases, it may be better to present the disputes before a judge where a resolution can be forced one way or the other.

Fighting to Protect Your Interests

In order to ensure that your interests are protected during family arbitration, you will need the help of an experienced family law attorney. An experienced family law attorney will be able to use their experience, legal skills, and shrewd negotiating abilities to decisively argue your case before judges and mediators in order to expedite the divorce process and deliver the results you want.

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Family Arbitration Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is family arbitration?

Family arbitration is an alternative process that allows members of a family to resolve legally binding disputes without going to court. By choosing arbitration, all parties can resolve their issues before an impartial arbiter for less expense and less time investment than bringing a case before the court.

2. What makes Family arbitration unique?

Family arbitration is distinct from other forms of arbitration in the subject matter of the arbitration. While traditional civil arbitration seeks to resolve some injury, family arbitration seeks to adjudicate matters of familial importance. Common subjects of family arbitration include child custody, alimony payments, and division of assets.

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