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People choose adoption for any number of reasons. Some families want to give an orphaned child a place in their home, while other couples cannot conceive and utilize adoption to begin their family. Whatever the reason, adoption law can be difficult to wade through for individuals without extensive legal experience.

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A Life-Changing Process

Adoption has the potential to transform a child’s life for the better. However, adoption is also treated as a very serious commitment. Before the potential parents are allowed to finalize the adoption of their new family member, they will need to complete a preplacement and placement process as well ass pass a background check. Individuals with a less-than-perfect permanent record may experience additional hardship when trying to adopt.

Pre-placement and Placement

Pre-placement and placement are two adoption processes that together can take years to resolve. What actually occurs during these processes varies by state as does the amount of time necessary to complete them.

Pre-placement is a series of preliminary checks and requirements that parents must pass in order to continue the adoption process. Some examples of pre-placement assessments include background checks, CPR certification, or other educational classes that can take 6 months or longer. Once the pre-placement process has been completed, the prospective parents move on to the placement examination. This process covers a set period of months or years in which an advocate for the adopted child checks in periodically in order to ensure that the child is being treated well.

Adopting with a Compromised Background

Not every adoptive parent is perfect. Whether due to a youthful indiscretion or an error in judgment, some prospective parents have a criminal background. Having a criminal record is not necessarily a disqualifying quality. Depending on the nature of the offense and the state, an adoption may still be possible.

In general, drug offenses may disqualify a parent for anywhere from 5 years to a lifetime. Additionally, violent crimes such as domestic violence may be disqualifying depending on the state. Finally, any crimes against children such as child pornography, child endangerment, or child neglect will be permanently disqualifying.

Fighting to Protect Your Interests

Adoption changes every life that it touches. Parents begin a journey with their child that will radically impact the course of their lives and a child will be blessed with parents that they would not have otherwise had. However, completing the adoption process can be complex. Whether out of an abundance of caution, or in order to explore options, prospective parents should consult with an adoption attorney. An experienced adoption attorney can take you through the process from start to finish and ensure that the experience is as smooth as possible.

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Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is adoption law?

Adoption law refers to the set of legal regulations and restrictions surrounding the transfer of parental responsibilities over a child. Adoption law most commonly relates to how two unrelated parents assume parental responsibility over a child, but there are also laws that allow a spouse to adopt their new step-child. 

There are a number of adoption laws on the federal and state level, with each state having its own adoption proceedings. Additionally, there are other types of adoptions, such as international adoption, that have their own body of rules governing them.

2. Do I need a lawyer for adoption?

In general, the adoption process is streamlined enough to allow for individuals to adopt without needing an attorney present. However, consulting with an adoption attorney can help prospective parents who may have some difficulty with the adoption process.

One example of a situation that may benefit from an adoption attorney’s involvement is if the prospective parent has a less-than-perfect background. An adoption attorney would be able to consult and explore options such as sealing records or looking for a workaround in order to help the parents maintain eligibility. Additionally, an adoption attorney can help prospective parents maneuver through any unusual or complex state laws surrounding adoption.

3. How long does adoption take?

The adoption process can vary in time from one year onward. There are two phases to the adoption process: pre-placement and placement. Each of these processes have a minimum waiting period as mandated by state law.

During pre-placement, the parents are expected to complete trainings, registrations, background checks, and education in order to prepare for the child’s arrival. In total, this period can take anywhere from six months to a year. Once pre-placement has been completed, the child will enter placement where they enter the parents’ household but still have monthly checks with a social worker or other court-appointed advocate. After the placement period, the parents and child will appear before the judge where the adoption papers will be finalized and the parents will legally obtain parental rights and responsibilities over the child.

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