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Find Life Insurance Lawyer

Life Insurance

All insurance is designed to serve as a kind of rainy day fund in the event of some tragedy. The ultimate example of this kind of financial planning is life insurance. Life insurance is designed to pay out in the event that the insured individual dies of a qualifying cause. Life insurance can be a valuable resource to leave beneficiaries with the means to continue to live without the insured individual’s help.

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Craig A. Davis, APLC

30 years in practice
Animal Bites, Auto Accidents, Bad Faith Insurance, Bicycle Accidents, Birth Injury
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Craig A. Davis, APLC

30 years in practice
Animal Bites, Auto Accidents, Bad Faith Insurance, Bicycle Accidents, Birth Injury
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Preparing For The Ultimate Incident

Life insurance is an invaluable tool that can prevent the already tragic circumstances of death from becoming even more fraught due to financial obligations that beneficiaries cannot afford. There are two main types of life insurance: term policies and permanent policies.

Term Life Insurance

As the name implies, term life insurance only applies for a specific term, usually a number of decades, before the insured is no longer covered. During the coverage period, the insured pays premiums and if something happens to them that results in their demise, the insurance policy will pay out to the named beneficiaries. Term plans can decrease in coverage over time, be renewed, or even offer the option to convert to a permanent life insurance policy depending on the client’s needs.

Permanent Life Insurance

Unlike term life insurance, permanent life insurance does not expire after a certain time as long as it isn’t canceled or the premiums aren’t paid. In exchange for its more permanent nature, permanent life insurance plans are more expensive than term plans. Another benefit of permanent life insurance is that some policies can gain value or accrue interest on top of the premiums paid.

Fighting to Keep Medical Rights

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Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a financial policy intended to grant beneficiaries a sum of money in exchange for premiums paid while the insured is still alive. Life insurance can be set for a certain time, or it can be a permanent policy that lasts as long as the insured is alive. There are also convertible or renewable plans that begin with a set term but can either be extended or shifted to a permanent basis.

2. Can I file a life insurance claim?

If you are a named beneficiary of a life insurance policy, then you typically won’t have to file a claim with the life insurance company. Instead, after the insured individual passes away in a manner covered by the life insurance policy, you will automatically receive the life insurance payout.

3. Who can file a life insurance claim?

Typically a life insurance claim is filed by the named beneficiaries. After the death of the insured individual, beneficiaries and the insurance company will determine whether the cause of death is covered under the life insurance policy. In most cases, this will result in a payout and funds can be allocated to cover end of life expenses such as funeral and outstanding debt expenses.

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