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825 North 900th West, Provo, Utah, UT, USA
Areas of expertise: Trust & Estate
35 years in practice
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Established in 1993, Scribner Law, P.C. runs on the very basics of law practice. Since its founding, my firm has always been committed to offering common sense, dependable service and reasonable legal fees. My full-service, old-fashioned law firm is here to help you through your legal challenges and problems. I have a client-centered approach. When my clients work with me, they’ll find that I’ll work hard to develop a professional relationship that they can count on throughout their lifetime.

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Trust & Estate

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Scribner Law, P.C.

I have used Scribner Fowlke Law Firm for years, I would recommend them to family, friends or to anyone who needs to be represented well in the court room.
I have worked with Phillip Miller and have noticed he is detailed, and has prepared himself well with the knowledge to represent you well with my case.
I appreciate that he is down to earth, and I felt comfortable in asking questions and in return he helped me understand all my option that were available. Great Attorney to work with.
Scribner Fowlke is an excellent law firm! They have excellent attorneys that are very knowledgeable about the law and they were great to take the time to explain the process and options. Phillip Miller is an excellent attorney that is confident and very well prepared. The office is very friendly and nice to work with.
I am still in the process of my divorce and I am working with Lorie. I feel comfortable with her in my case. I feel like she knows what she's doing and is well prepared. Since I don't know how the whole process works it would be nice if she told me more of what was going on and where it's going throughout the process. I am asking what's happening and what's next. I am relying on her experience and expertise to get me through this process, get the alimony needed and custody that's right for my situation. She has had a lot of experience with divorce law. The office has been very nice to work with. I hope it continues to go well and is over soon.
Unlike no other law firm we've used. They are fast and efficient with broad skills and exceptional knowledge... and they have a heart. Lorie saved us a lot of money by helping us keep our cool. Some attorneys seem to stoke the anger that comes with legal disputes, which only costs more money. There is no end to the fight you can have or the money it will cost and nobody ever gets all that they want, but Lorie always let's you know which fights are worth fighting and her strategy has always proven the most cost effective and successful. At first I always wanted to know where everything stood, but learned that if I trust her she will always keep me fully informed, my money in my pocket and my hair from turning white.
I worked with Lorie Fowlke. I think she is very knowledgeable about the law and I felt that my case was pretty simple and straightforward and my ex-husband and I had settled everything except the amount of alimony that he would be paying. However, it took 2 years and many thousands of dollars to complete. Some of it was due to a change in attorneys on my ex-husbands side but I was very frustrated about the length of time it took to resolve this and the amount of money that it took. Lorie was great about calming me down when I would get frustrated and she was very ethical about the way things were handled. My only complaint was that she had went through several staff changes and my paperwork that I brought to her in the beginning went through several hands and some of it was not went through or I would have to get copies of things I had already brought in because Lorie or her staff couldn't locate them. I felt like I had to continue to go over the same things and find things that had to do with my case because she didn't seem like she knew my case. However, she does know the law and has been very kind and straightforward about all my concerns and questions. My divorce case ended up being settled in mediation. There were many things that caused delays in this case but they were not because of me. I didn't feel like I got the information that I needed to be kept up to speed with what was going on. I would have to call or e-mail or make an appointment to go in and talk to her to find out what was happening in my case and I feel like thats where a lot of the charges on my bill were because we kept having to go over the same things. In fairness, I must say that I have not been involved with attorneys very much so I don't really have a baseline to compare my experience with others. I feel like my ex-husband got away with a lot more than he should have because Lorie would tell me that he couldn't do some of the things he was doing but when I would try to get her to act on the things he was doing that were illegal, she would just tell me that it would take more of my time and money to rectify what he was doing. So, I think my ex-husband got away with a lot of stuff that he perhaps wouldn't of with a more aggressive attorney.

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