3995 Hagers Grove Road Southeast, Salem, Oregon 97317, USA
Areas of expertise: Bankruptcy, Personal Injury
30 years in practice
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About Olsendaines

With over 40 years of experience in bankruptcy filing, debt resolution matters, and serious personal injury cases, OlsenDaines offers real solutions for individuals and businesses. We help our clients obtain bankruptcy protection to end garnishments, stop foreclosures, get rid of creditor harassment, prevent utility shut off, avoid car repossessions, discharge taxes, pay off back child support, stop license suspension and return peace to their lives.

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Olsendaines Areas Of Practice

Personal Injury

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I worked with Matthew Lind! He was very attentive, kind and supportive through the entire process. His entire team helped with any paperwork problems and supported the process like family! He succeeded in getting what I thought was a fair settlement. I would recommend him to my friends and family and would have him again for my attorney. If I could give any advice it would be to get an attorney right away! Don’t go through your accident alone!
I had a prior Chpt 13 Bankruptcy case that was discharged in 2019. Lo and behold in the process of selling my home this week, I noticed a collection agency had obtained a Judgment Lien on my home despite this debt having been discharged in the Bankruptcy and then finding out a Motion was never done to remove the lien after discharge. Attorney, Bradley Laughlin to the rescue! He dealt with the collection agency and discovered they had not renewed their judgment in a timely manner so the lien was no longer valid! Thank you so much Brad!
Working alongside Mr. Lind and Mr. Laughlin has been a dream! I am thoroughly impressed by these two as they are very organized, amazing with communicating, and are very on top of everything. You will not go wrong seeking justice for a P.I. Claim working with Mr Lind and Mr Laughlin these two are rockstars!
Sent in a contact form on their website. No response. Get a canned email (because they now have my email address) saying ‘we can’t help you until you call us’ email. I call saying I sent in a contact for personal injury with no response from them. She transfers me. I give a brief of what my situation is (clearly a medical injury issue) and she says ‘so you want to file bankruptcy?’ Uh no, no where in there did I mention funds. She transfers me to a voicemail. I leave a message. Days with no response. I call back ask if I can have an email, I’ll just send my timeline for the person to read. I get an email address (vparks), send it off, no response. I call back ‘do I have the right email? ‘Yes’. So I send another email ‘hello?’ Nothing.
I’m still getting their canned emails saying how they would love to help me if I would just contact them.
If this is how they handle client contact I don’t need them handling a case.

Thank you to the firm for a response. I do want to clarify, it is not the communication with me that was/is in question (I made contact once because my ex told me I was ok to do so). I have raised my rating simply because they do hold their clients privacy to a high standard.

The issue at hand is a result of direct communication with my ex-husband and he has forwarded every email he has sent and received to me as well as immediately contacted me and told me about every phone conversation, voicemail, and responses he has made/received. Even though we are no longer married, I will continue to defend him when he is not being treated appropriately or being dismissed. He should not be treated like a 'second class citizen' because he is NOT. He deserves better.

I appreciate that communication is finally being made to my side, however, just prior to writing this review I was explicitly told and given an absolute refusal to speak with my counsel even though permission was granted by my ex-husband. Therein lies the issues, that is what has caused the problems. I also need to make it clear it is NOT Lars Olsen himself that is problematic but out of respect for other staff I will NOT state to whom I am referencing.

Again, I am certain, the individual who has responded to this review is not the one my ex-husband has been dealing with and the response and attention is appreciated. It just never should have gotten to this point, that's on the staff member! *****


Do not use this firm. Their staff are impossible to get ahold of. The communication is lacking and they do not know all the up to date information on all filings. They do not take the time to reassure clients, especially in time sensitive situations.

The exact situation could have avoided escalation had they bothered to effectively and politely communicated and reassured instead of dismissing and putting the client needs first.

Just because payment for case has been made doesn't mean that client becomes a second class citizen and less important.

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3995 Hagers Grove Road Southeast, Salem, Oregon 97317, USA


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Olsendaines Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Olsendaines located?

Olsendaines is located at 3995 Hagers Grove Road Southeast, Salem, Oregon 97317, USA.

What are Olsendaines areas of expertise?

Olsendaines areas of expertise are: Bankruptcy, Personal Injury.

How many years is Olsendaines in practice?

Olsendaines is in practice for 30 years.

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