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2525 N Canyon Rd, Provo, Utah 84604, USA
Areas of expertise: Divorce & Family Law, Trust & Estate
7 years in practice
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About Moody Brown Law

Founded on a reputation for hard work and results, Moody Brown Law is a multi-service law firm with strong expertise in the following in Family Law Mediation Business Law, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Immigration, Patent and Child Welfare.

Moody Brown Law Areas Of Practice

Divorce & Family Law
Trust & Estate

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Moody Brown Law

My experience with Moody Brown Law firm was excellent. I hired Jason Turner to help me with a matter regarding the enforcement of my divorce decree. There was a critical deadline for the refinance of my house that needed to be resolved promptly or the consequences to me would have been serious. I felt heard and understood in the initial consultation. I felt that Jason would be the perfect fit for my situation, and he was. He was professional, efficient, and hard-working. He stayed in good communication with me throughout the process. He was able to help me resolve my situation with the result I wanted, just before the deadline. It was a very difficult case, so I felt that it was definitely the right decision to go with Moody Brown Law.
Thank you so very much Grant for everything you've done for me. My whole family can't thank you enough. You went out of your way to pick up my case even though you were extremely busy. You are an amazing and talented attorney and a great person.
If you're in need of an attorney, I highly recommend Grant Dickinson. He is the type of person who has your back and will fight for what's right...and he will win!
Zack Starr helped me through my divorce and I could not be happier. He was always very professional and helped me understand all the aspects of divorce and what to expect in the future. I liked how Zack was straight forward with all the information he gave me. I was never left wondering what the legal terms meant. He spent time going through my decree and made sure I understood each section. I am so grateful to have such a kind caring attorney. I felt like he cared about me and he did everything he could to support me as I went through the divorce process. Thanks Zack!!
I cannot praise Moody Brown Law, especially Zackary Starr enough! They made a stressful custody battle into a less stressful experience. Zack was on top of his game, he had great plans and kept himself updated through out my case.

Zack was able to get the other party to settle into a deal that was fair and equal.

If you need relabel high quality attorney work with Zack.

Make sure to remember to do your part too because its not all your attorney, you have a job too as parent too keep track of things on your end! Don't forget that :)

Hope this help best of luck!
Marilyn is a queen.

She has been has fought for me. Gone above and beyond anything I could have ever expected from her. She has fought for my case like it was hers, her children, or her custody at stake.

She has given me so much confidence, forcing me to stand tall, quit apologizing, and accept what is rightfully mine.

I am so grateful for her. She has not only helped me create a safe and healthy path that my ex, my kids, and myself can go by for years to come, but she has given me the tools to navigate any sticky situations that might come up in the future.

My case isn’t quite over yet, but the past 1.5 years of working with her I have leaned on her for strength when I was emotionally beat down, scared, and sometimes in an outright panic. She responded to me with such compassion and intelligence that I felt understood, cared for, and like I had a true ally to stand with me during this time.

She hasn’t been just a lawyer and no amount of money or acts of appreciation could repay her.

Yelp Reviews

Karen K.
I would NOT use Marilyn Moody Brown!!
They kept extending the process for no reason other than getting more money. She didn't discuss it with me just did...
Emma J.
DO NOT USE GRANT DICKERSON!! I am writing this review in hopes of saving others money and the nightmare that Grant put me through. Simply put, Grant will...
Dave F.
I hired Zachary Starr to represent me in my divorce and he did a horrible job. I don't want to get into all of it but he let me sign a divorce decree...

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2525 N Canyon Rd, Provo, Utah 84604, USA


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