Manzoor Law Firm, Inc

Manzoor Law Firm, Inc
Manzoor Law Firm, Inc

Manzoor Law Firm, Inc

3017 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, California, USA
Areas of expertise: Asylum, Citizenship, Family Visas, Green Cards
9 years in practice
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About Manzoor Law Firm, Inc

The legal team at the Manzoor Law Firm, Inc, located in Sacramento, CA is at your service. We offer reliable advice and representation in legal matters concerning a variety of disciplines. We offer legal assistance with a high degree of knowledge. Years of experience and our in-depth knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions. We use an online case management system that allows our clients to effortlessly and securely access their legal documents, helping us maintain the high level of communication that is a hallmark of our legal practice. Past clients said they were treated with “an innate understanding and sympathy for the terrible stress and uncertainty my family and I were going through,” and have described our services as “thorough”, “prompt”, and “responsive”. Contact us now to set up a consultation, and see how we can provide the same level of high quality legal service to you. Browse through our website to learn more about our legal practice and areas of law in which we focus.

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Manzoor Law Firm, Inc Areas Of Practice

Family Visas
Green Cards

Manzoor Law Firm, Inc Reviews

Google Reviews

Manzoor Law Firm, Inc

I am so thankful to have Mr. Shahid Manzoor as my attorney and I will forever be grateful for him for taking on my case, especially on such a short notice. I highly recommend him to anybody who is going through a divorce because he truly, wholeheartedly fought for my case. He is highly educated and knows the court system well. He was able to explain the entire process and make me feel at ease. Given the short amount of time for each hearing, Manzoor was able to present evidence and state exactly what was needed for the judge to hear our side of story and for us, to ultimately WIN our case.

Manzoor is patient, supportive and addresses all and ANY of my concerns. He is empathetic and was able to understand every detail that I felt was important to the case. I was an emotional wreck and wanted to address EVERY false statement my ex husband made. However, with Manzoor, I realized that he was able to sift through what was necessary and unnecessary and that I did not have to retaliate and address every single false statement made… Simply because… it will take away from the FOCUS of what we were truly fighting for.

Time and Time again, I was able to see that Manzoor knew exactly what he was doing. I built a good rapport with him and honestly, trusted his every move. He was able to sift through my textbook of evidence, which had an abundance of evidence, with months worth of emails and text messages. Manzoor was able to narrow down and focus on every detail that was necessary for our case to win.

If you need an attorney that will make you feel heard, Manzoor is the man. I am ecstatic to say that, I am officially, happily divorced and I have won my case!! All because of Shahid Manzoor by my side.

I cannot ask for a better person to represent me, to be my attorney. Manzoor believed in me and my story. He gave me the most honest advice and was my anchor when I felt like I was losing. He gave me hope that the truth will prevail in court and that the judge will see through all of my ex husband’s lies.

I brought my case to him in August 2023 and now my ex husband is finally settling in November 2023 and giving me exactly what I want and what was asked for in our marriage settlement agreement. It took 3 full months and we have taken this settlement as a WIN!

I won back every single dime my ex husband attempted to take from me. In addition to having my ex is paying for my attorney fees for filing a frivolous suit against me. thank you again, Manzoor.

I am getting exactly what was asked for and I couldn’t have done this, had it not been for Shahid Manzoor who took on my case, gathered sufficient evidence and proved in court, the truth, MY truth, MY story. He has helped me get justice in a very personal matter and has helped me close a chapter of my life, that has been truly a nightmare.

Like I always said to him, he is my superhero. I am eternally grateful for him. He literally saved me in the moment I needed him the most. I was hopeless when it came to my divorce. My ex husband attempted to go against our marriage settlement agreement by filing an EX-PARTE to claim that he did not understand the agreement. This only allowed me 24 hours to find myself an attorney to represent myself and to attend a court hearing that would take from me what was rightfully mine, proceeds from the sale of our home.

Shahid Manzoor, understood my situation. He heard me and he understood the circumstances in which I was in dire need of representation.

Once I told Manzoor about my case, he took me on without any doubt and told me to come into his office. I prayed for him the night before. I prayed that I would get an attorney who would bring me justice and prove to me that the truth does ultimately prevail. My prayers were answered because he did just that, my truth was told and he ultimately brought me.. my justice.
I’m not used to write reviews on line, but this is a must do recognition for a well done job in my case.
I’m grateful beyond words and hardly recommend Manzoor Law Firm, specially Shahid as a lawyer that will works tenaciously for your case.
If you are looking for an honest and reliable lawyer, don’t look any further!
With Shahid you will have more than a legal representation, you will find a kind, respectful and an awesome human being that will treat you like family.
-He will try his best to get the Justice that your case deserve as long as the system allows him.
- He will keep you informed along the way through a dedicated, personalized and secure client portal.
- He will be always available to answer your questions and will respond in prompt and timely manner, his calmed tone will soothes your anxiety.
- Shahid at Manzoor Law firm is your best shoot! Do not hesitate to get his assistance.Good luck!
We began working with Shahid Manzoor in February 2022. Our case was successfully concluded in May of 2022. Immediately upon retaining him, Shahid began working on our case. During our initial meeting, he gave us his vision on how our case should proceed. This was very comforting. There was quite a bit of evidence to sort through and he expertly chose the most important items. During the four month duration, Shahid was very accessible, always contacting us in a most timely manner. Shahid Manzoor is a superb attorney. He has our highest recommendation.
We received professional representation, and so much more. Attorney Manzoor exceeded our expectations. He was quick to respond, as we contacted him just days prior to a hearing. He took over the hearing, and our case, resulting in an excellent outcome! He was also empathetic, and calming to my husband who was beyond stressed about this issue. Attorney Manzoor was always very responsive to our calls, e-mails, and concerns, which was so important. We couldn’t ask for more in an attorney.
We are so grateful for the service that we have received from Shahid Manzoor and his team in our slip and fall injury experience. My dad had slipped on water at a grocery store and injured his back, but we were hesitant in seeking an attorney because my dad has hearing loss, does not speak English and I've never worked with anything law-related before. Because of this, we felt it was just unfortunate that my dad slipped at the store and now needs assistant. However, when we consulted with Manzoor, he helped us understood the law and the negligence of the store. As we worked with Manzoor and his team, we saw that they were not only concerned about the case but my dad's health condition as well. Throughout our case, they've demonstrated professionalism and respect towards us. During times of stress and doubts, Manzoor re-assured us not to worry. They were patient at repeating themselves and responsive to all our questions and made it clear that they understood our concerns. Because this was our first time, we were very unfamiliar with the process but Manzoor and his team walked us through each process and ensured that we understood what to expect. They did everything they could've to ensure my dad receive justice. During our mediation, Manzoor was prepared, professional, and great at negotiation. Once again, we are so thankful for their great service and making sure my dad is taken care of. Overall, it was a reassuring experience. I would definitely contact Manzoor law firm again if ever needed, and I highly recommend the Manzoor law firm.

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Manzoor Law Firm, Inc Locations

3017 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, California, USA


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Manzoor Law Firm, Inc Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Manzoor Law Firm, Inc located?

Manzoor Law Firm, Inc is located at 3017 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, California, USA.

What are Manzoor Law Firm, Inc areas of expertise?

Manzoor Law Firm, Inc areas of expertise are: Asylum, Citizenship, Family Visas, Green Cards.

How many years is Manzoor Law Firm, Inc in practice?

Manzoor Law Firm, Inc is in practice for 9 years.

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