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290 West Center Street, Provo, Utah 84601, USA
Areas of expertise: Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Trust & Estate
10 years in practice
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About Esplin & Weight

Established more than 50 years ago, we are one of the oldest, largest, and most well respected law firms in Utah County.

Esplin & Weight Areas Of Practice

Personal Injury
Trust & Estate

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Esplin & Weight Attorneys at Law

Scott Weight is the best lawyer! He has been amazing to work with. He is very knowledgeable and really cares about you. He always responds to emails, texts and calls the same day I contact him. Also you won't find better value for your money anywhere, his fees are amazingly reasonable. I am VERY grateful I chose him as my lawyer! I highly recommend Scott Weight.
Scott Weight has been wonderful to work with! I had met with multiple attorneys prior to sitting down with Scott. I brought him a case that was complex and required a good knowledge of the law or how to find the answers complex questions. Just during our short consultation he had a solid plan and pulled up evidence I didn't even know about. He was reassuring and thorough with his work throughout the whole time working with him. I appreciate his dedication to my case and always share his information with those who need it.
They will take your money
I found them to be very offended easily
Difficult to work with. Didn’t put much effort. I honestly wish they’d put even a little effort. I probably could have done better to be honest. This is only my personal experience
Everyone is different. They were hired to help my brother, we couldn’t even question them or get any info. My suggestion is to watch various attorneys in action (without letting them know)
Look at their record before choosing someone. Don’t go by reviews. It will take some time to find a good attorney. Take the time. Go to court, get live reviews if you can. Especially if your life or the life of your loved one is at stake.
I wish I could fully convey my thoughts about Scott Weight. Scott took on my case midway through the process when my previous attorney quit my divorce. I found myself in a really bad spot having to find a new attorney that was willing to go to trial with a judge that was not in my favor and against my ex’s attorney who was free. Scott had good graces knowing that I came from an attorney that honestly loathed him, and he took up my banner in the middle of his heavy case load. I cannot tell you how indebted to him and his team for making the impossible possible.

By the time my trial came my case had been completely revamped. His partner Mckail worked diligently on my exhibits for my case and spent the time to really prepare all my witnesses before trial. We walked in to court with a better case than I had in the last year, and Scott’s acumen in the trial was shrewd and well informed. His arguments consistently with approval of the judge, and he deftly handled my ex’s attorney.

In the end I got what I fought for two years for, my kids and the equal right to be involved in their lives. My children and I are the direct benefactors of Scott’s skills and help. I absolutely give my recommendation to Scott as an attorney worth working with.
I hired Scott Weight as an attorney for my divorce case. He promised me he would work hard and get my case to trial as fast as possible when I retained him. He told me I could cancel my ex’s cell phone contact after temporary orders so I did and I was held in contempt which cost me 10k. He made claims that he could download her phone and prove her infidelity, when he couldn’t. He added cost and time to my case by trying to find ways to close my case. My case was already started by another firm that didn’t want to go to trial. When I hired him we where still in discovery and he didn’t do anything to prepare for trial except do a deposition he just let all my time lapse. The deposition went long and he said it was to hard for him so he didn’t want to do anymore when we could have done 3 more hours. He never scheduled trial within 12 months while he was my attorney, he failed to return emails and phone calls. When he didn’t understand what I wanted him to do for me he would threaten to drop me as a client. He told me he was to busy to work on my case and that I should find somebody else. No attorney goes to heaven.

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290 West Center Street, Provo, Utah 84601, USA


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