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Losing property is a crushing feeling. What is even more harmful is when property is not just lost, but taken. Theft covers a variety of different legal wrongs that ultimately boil down to the unlawful taking of property that belongs to someone else.

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Unlawful Taking

There are a number of types of theft that an individual can be charged with. In general, thefts can be classified by the manner of theft, the type of property stolen, and the value of the assets stolen.

Manner of Theft

The way that a theft is committed can be just as important as what is stolen when deciding criminal penalties. In general, the more violently something is stolen, the more severe the punishment. For example, a computer hacker stealing financial data from a victim will be treated more favorably than a bank robber violently stealing the same amount of money from a bank at gunpoint.

Value of Assets

One of the most important factors for determining the punishment of a crime is the value of assets stolen. In general, theft can be split into two categories: petty theft and grand theft. Where the line is drawn between petty theft and grand theft depends on the jurisdiction and the state, but in general petty theft refers to the theft of invaluable property or small amounts of money. By comparison, grand theft refers to the taking of valuable property or large amounts of money.

Property Stolen

Depending on the state, the theft of certain assets can automatically enhance a theft to a felony. Some more universal property types that will result in a felony include firearms, controlled substances, or vehicles. However, there are some other felonious theft targets that vary by state.

Giving You The Advocacy You Deserve

If you have been accused of theft and need to defend yourself, you will need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A private defense attorney is able to focus completely on your case and devote far more attention to your case than a public defender would be able to.

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Theft Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is theft?

Theft is the illegal taking of some property or asset that does not belong to the taker. Theft can be accomplished physically or digitally using either force, persuasion, deception, or omission. Regardless of the method, the result is the same: something is taken from someone unlawfully.

2. What are types of theft?

There are a number of different types of theft depending on the nature of the theft, the value of property stolen, and the method of taking. There are a number of subtypes of theft including burglary, embezzlement, forgery, larceny, looting, robbery, and shoplifting.

3. Who can defend me against a theft charge?

Individuals accused of theft are legally and constitutionally required to be represented by an attorney who is either selected by the defendant or the court. If the court is allowed to select the attorney, it will likely be a public defender. Public defenders are dedicated professionals, but they can become overwhelmed with the number of clients they are bound to advocate for. By contrast, a private criminal defense attorney can devote more energy to defending each client, for a price.

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