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Find Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex Crimes

Sexual activity is seen by many people as an intimate, personal interaction between two consenting adults. However, sometimes sex is used in a way that harms individuals or society. This type of harmful activity is classified by the government as sex crimes.

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Violations of the Body and Public Convention

Sex crimes can involve any act that is both criminal and sexual in nature. The classification of sex crimes primarily focuses on who the victim of the crime is. In general, sex crimes can be divided into crimes against adults, children, nature, and children.

Crimes Against Adults

Sexual crimes against adults are mostly concentrated under the umbrella of nonconsensual sexual activity between adults. Most of the time, adult sex crimes include sexual assault or marital assault. Any non-consensual sexual act can be classified as sexual assault, whether or not there is penetration, and whether or not there was consent for another sexual act.

Crimes Against Children

Sex crimes against children feature the same types of crimes as those against adults with some additions. In addition to normal sexual assault charges, there is also the crime of statutory rape which occurs any time an adult has sexual relations with a child under the age of majority. Additionally, pornographic content featuring children is patently illegal in most states under anti-child pornography statutes.

Crimes Against Nature

Crimes against nature are not universally identical across all of the states. The two most common crimes against nature include bestiality and incest. Bestiality is the sexual assault of animals and is illegal in every state except Hawaii, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Incest is sexual activity between two people who are blood-relatives. Incest is illegal in all states except for New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Crimes Against Society

Crimes against society are broader than other types of sex crimes. Instead of a singular victim, these crimes are seen as disruptive to the order of society. Societal sex crimes can include public indecency, prostitution, and other public sexual acts.

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Sex Crimes Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a sex crime?

Sex crimes cover a broad category of criminal acts that relate to sex and sexuality. This can be as literal as sexual violence such as sexual assault, or as indirect as possession of illicit pornography or performance of prostitution.

2. Who can defend me against a sex crime?

Anyone who has been charged with a sex crime has a constitutional right to an attorney. This will most commonly mean a public defender will be appointed to represent the accused. However, public defenders often have many cases demanding their attention at once. By contrast, a private criminal defense attorney can be more expensive but they can often devote more time and effort to an individual case than a public defender.

3. What are types of sex crimes?

Any crime that involves sexual activity can be classified as a sex crime but there are some broad categories of sex crimes. In general, sex crimes can be classified by who is impacted. Those crimes include:

  • Crimes Against Adults
  • Crimes Against Children
  • Crimes Against Nature
  • Crimes Against Society

Crimes against adults and children can include sexual assault, whole crimes against nature can include bestiality or incest. Crimes against society can include public sexual behavior such as indecent exposure or prostitution.

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