Arizona Premises Liability Laws for Hospitality Owners During the Pandemic

By attorneyatlaw
October 7, 2021

In any normal year, hotel and other hospitality owners in Arizona have enough on their plate to comply with premises liability issues. It’s a big responsibility to ensure that your facility is safe and secure for guests. A tiny crack in the pavement, a puddle on the sidewalk, a wet floor or a cracked railing can be a personal injury lawsuit in the making. 

Throwing a pandemic into the equation, hospitality owners have to contend with even more premises liability concerns. 

Arizona hospitality owners have broader protection from civil lawsuits related to COVID-19 than in other states. On April 5, Governor Ducey signed legislation that, retroactively from March 11, 2020, shields property owners and other entities from being sued by individuals who claim that they became infected with the novel coronavirus while on the property of a private or public facility. 

Despite the COVID liability shield legislation, the law does not automatically bar all claims against hotel operators or other business owners and entities. Other businesses covered under Governor Ducey’s premises liability shield include healthcare facilities and nursing homes, churches and other religious facilities, educational facilities, and property owners. 

Business has largely returned to normal in the Grand Canyon State. As of July 2, Governor Ducey had rescinded 25 executive orders related to the pandemic. However, Arizona hospitality owners and all other business owners in the state, as well as administrators of institutions, would do well to follow federal and/or state recommendations as issued by the AZ Department of Health Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, WHO, and other trusted sources of health information. 

The pandemic is not over, and any errant misstep in not protecting the health of your guests can make you vulnerable to a personal injury lawsuit. So don’t put those hand sanitizer dispensers in storage yet. 

If you’re a business owner in Arizona and need guidance on making sure your facility is in 100% compliance with premise liability law, you need a skilled personal injury attorney with experience protecting business owners’ interests in premise liability cases. 

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