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The Law Offices of Richard B. Rosenblatt, PC

24 years in practice
Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law
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Mohammadi & Humayun Attorneys at Law

8 years in practice
Divorce & Family Law, Personal Injury
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The Law Office of Rodney Hermann, LLC

12 years in practice
Alimony, Auto Accidents, Child Custody, Child Support, Criminal Defense
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The Law Office of Mike Rothman

22 years in practice
Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, DUI Law, Intellectual Property, Sexual Assault
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Law Office of Ronald D. Richey

37 years in practice
Immigration Law
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Emden Law

42 years in practice
Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, DUI Law, Personal Injury, Sexual Assault
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About Rockville, Maryland

Rockville, a vibrant city located in Montgomery County, Maryland, is a bustling hub that embodies a harmonious blend of history and modernity. Situated just northwest of Washington, D.C., Rockville benefits from its strategic location within the metropolitan area while maintaining its own unique character. The city's diverse neighborhoods, thriving business districts, and cultural attractions make it an inviting destination for residents and visitors alike.

One of Rockville's intriguing attributes is its historical significance. The city is home to the Beall-Dawson House, a historic mansion that serves as a museum and offers a glimpse into Rockville's past. Additionally, the nearby Rockville Cemetery contains the final resting place of Francis Scott Key, the composer of the United States' national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner." These historical landmarks contribute to Rockville's sense of heritage and its connection to the broader narrative of American history.

Throughout its history, Rockville has been associated with notable individuals who have left their mark on various fields. Acclaimed actress and comedian Goldie Hawn spent part of her childhood in Rockville, and her contributions to the entertainment industry have made her a household name. Furthermore, groundbreaking journalist Carl Bernstein, known for his role in uncovering the Watergate scandal, was born in Rockville. These residents exemplify the city's capacity to nurture talent across diverse domains.

Rockville hosts the annual Hometown Holidays Music Festival, a renowned event that draws crowds from far and wide to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. This festival features live music performances, entertainment, and a diverse range of food vendors, creating an electrifying atmosphere of celebration and community bonding. The city's commitment to fostering a sense of togetherness through events like Hometown Holidays underscores its vibrant culture and unwavering spirit. With its historical landmarks, notable residents, and vibrant events, Rockville continues to thrive as a dynamic city with a rich past and a promising future.


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