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9 Business Law Lawyers found in wisconsin
757 North Broadway, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Areas of expertise: Bankruptcy, Business Law
26 years in practice
250 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Areas of expertise: Bankruptcy, Business Law, Trust & Estate
24 years in practice
122 W Washington Ave, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Areas of expertise: Bankruptcy, Business Law
44 years in practice
Neenah, Neenah, Wisconsin, USA
Areas of expertise: Business Law, Employment Law, Personal Injury
71 years in practice
2060 N Humboldt Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Areas of expertise: Business Law, Tax Law
39 years in practice
359 West Main Street, Ellsworth, Wisconsin, USA
Areas of expertise: Business Law, Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law, Personal Injury, Trust & Estate
74 years in practice
757 North Broadway, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Areas of expertise: Business Law, Trust & Estate
15 years in practice
24161 Wisconsin 35, Siren, WI, USA
Areas of expertise: Business Law, Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law, Trust & Estate
55 years in practice
1001 West Glen Oaks Lane, Mequon, Wisconsin, USA
Areas of expertise: Business Law, Trust & Estate
19 years in practice
24 Bar Associations found in wisconsin
Wisconsin Intellectual Property Law Association
Milwaukee, WI, USA
View Page
Wisconsin School Attorneys Association
122 West Washington Avenue, Madison, WI, USA
View Page
Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers Association
111 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, USA
View Page
Wisconsin District Attorney’s Association
Madison, WI 53701, USA
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Business Law Lawyers in wisconsin FAQs
About wisconsin

Need a lawyer in Wisconsin?

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About the Wisconsin Legal System

There are two federal courts in Wisconsin: a state supreme and a state court. In addition, there is a trial court with limited and general jurisdiction.

Nonpartisan elections are used to elect the seven justices of Wisconsin's Supreme Court, 16 judges of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, and 249 judges of Wisconsin Circuit Courts. The Supreme Court justices serve 10-year terms, while the other judges serve six-year terms. If they want to continue on the court's bench, all judges must run for reelection.

The Eastern District of Wisconsin and the Western District are the federal district courts for Wisconsin.

Two federal bankruptcy courts are located in Wisconsin. These courts have jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases. The Eastern District of Wisconsin Bankruptcy Court and the Western District of Wisconsin Bankruptcy Court is the federal bankruptcy courts in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, which has seven judgeships, is the state's court-of-last resort. It has administrative and discretionary appellate authority. Original cases can be heard by the supreme court. The supreme court typically reviews appeals from the court of appeals.

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals serves as the intermediate appellate court for Wisconsin. The court of appeals is not subject to the same rules as the supreme court. It has primary jurisdiction and cannot choose which appeals it hears. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals' primary function is to correct mistakes in circuit court cases. Unless the Wisconsin Supreme Court rules otherwise, opinions of the Court of Appeals become binding precedents.

Circuit courts in Wisconsin are the trial courts that have original jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases. These courts are broken into branches. There are 249 circuit judges in the state. Each county has at most one branch, with six exceptions. The state is divided into nine administrative areas, but judges are elected county-by-county.

About Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the country's largest cheese producer, producing about 25% of America's cheese. It ranks second in milk production after California and third in per capita milk production, behind Vermont and California. Wisconsin produces about 25% of the country's butter. The state is first in the nation for the production of corn for silage and cranberries gingering. It produces more than half of the nation's cranberries. It also produces 97% of the nation’s ginseng. Wisconsin is also a major producer of sweet corn for processing, including potatoes, sweet corn, tart cherries, and maple syrup. A Wisconsin quarter depicts a Holstein cow, a corn ear, and a wheel made of cheese as an example of the state's importance in agriculture production. To promote state agricultural products, the state selects annually an "Alice in Dairyland".

Commercial food processing is a large portion of the state's manufacturing industry. This includes well-known brands like Oscar Mayer, Tombstone frozen Pizza, Johnsonville brats, and Usinger’s sausage. Kraft Foods employs over 5,000 people in the State alone. Milwaukee is a major beer producer and was once the headquarters of Miller Brewing Company, which was the nation's second-largest brewery until it was merged with Coors. Pabst, Blatz, and Schlitz were once the cornerstone breweries of Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Lawyer FAQs

How much does a lawyer cost in Wisconsin?

While prices between lawyers may vary, the average price per hour for a lawyer is between $120 and $380 per hour. Since prices may vary, be sure to ask potential lawyers for their pricing information before moving forward with them.

How do I find a lawyer in Wisconsin?

With Attorney At Law’s search widget, it’s easy to find lawyers near you. Just select the practice area you’re looking for and the location you need, and AAL will automatically gather all relevant results.

How many active attorneys are there in Wisconsin?

There are approximately 24,000+ active lawyers in the state of Wisconsin. This number reflects all lawyers registered with The State Bar of Wisconsin.

Who licenses attorneys in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin State Bar licenses all attorneys in Wisconsin. A lawyer that is not licensed by the state bar association cannot practice law in full capacity.

How can I get free advice?

If you’re looking for free advice, you can browse hundreds of articles on Attorney At Law’s blog, or reach out for free advice.

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