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Law Office Of Andrew Presberg
100 Corporate Plaza, Islandia, New York, USA
Areas of expertise: Business Law, Trust & Estate
40 years in practice
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Suffolk County Bar Association New York
560 Wheeler Rd, Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA
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About Suffolk County, New York

Suffolk County, located on the eastern part of Long Island in New York, encompasses a broad geographical area that includes bustling suburbs, serene beaches, and rural areas. It stretches from the more urban western end of Long Island to the picturesque East End, which is home to the Hamptons and Montauk Point. This diversity in landscapes offers residents and visitors alike a mix of urban conveniences and natural beauty, with ample beaches, parks, and open spaces. Suffolk County is known for its affluent communities, particularly in areas like Southampton and East Hampton, which are popular summer destinations for their idyllic beach settings and vibrant cultural scene.

The county has been home to numerous notable figures, including Walt Whitman, one of America's most famous poets, who was born in Huntington in 1819. His birthplace is now a museum and interpretive center celebrating his life and works. Another prominent figure is Jackson Pollock, the influential abstract expressionist painter, who lived and worked in Springs, East Hampton, with his wife, artist Lee Krasner. Their home is now preserved as the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, offering insights into their creative processes and contributing to the county's reputation as a haven for artists.

Suffolk County has also been the site of significant events, particularly in the field of aviation and science. Perhaps most famously, it was from Long Island's Calverton Executive Airpark (formerly Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant, Calverton) that the Grumman Corporation manufactured and first tested the lunar module that carried astronauts to the Moon. The county continues to host events that attract international attention, such as the annual Hamptons International Film Festival, which showcases independent films and draws celebrities and cinephiles from around the globe. These events, along with its historical sites and natural beauty, make Suffolk County a dynamic and interesting place with a rich cultural heritage.

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