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Find Debt Relief Lawyer

Debt Relief

Most people have some amount of debt in their lives. Whether it comes from student loans, a business loan, or regular credit card use, almost everyone has some kind of outstanding balance that needs addressing. However, sometimes an unexpected emergency or irresponsible habits can cause this normal amount of debt to swell to unreasonable amounts. In this instance, it may be necessary to consider debt relief plans.

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Managing the Unmanageable

There are several ways to manage debts incurred by an individual. For individuals in the early stages of debt distress, counseling and management may be sufficient. If the debt amount is significant enough, it may be helpful to seek debt settlement or forgiveness. Finally, if the debts are truly unmanageable, it may be necessary to seek bankruptcy protections.

Counseling and Management

Credit counseling is the lightest form of debt relief and is almost entirely proactive. Credit counseling includes classes and advising on financial accountability and budgeting that seek to encourage fiscal responsibility and helps to free up money from places where it may not be productively used.

Debt management can be achieved through the help of nonprofit advocates who negotiate with creditors in order to possibly waive certain fees or give more favorable rates. Debt management techniques are not always successful but with individuals who are otherwise financially stable, it may be enough to make the debt manageable. However, any deviation from the agreement could result in the revocation of the advantageous offers and rates.

Settlement and Forgiveness

Debt settlement is a more drastic measure that will impact the individual’s credit score. Settlement is a voluntary process where creditors agree to settle for less than the full debt amount, usually 50-60% over a period of time, usually a few years. Creditors are not required to accept a debt settlement and may require significant negotiation before they agree.

On the other hand, debt forgiveness is one of the rarest and most complete forms of debt relief. Often done as part of the creditor’s contract, debt forgiveness completely relieves the individual of their obligation to pay their debt, usually after some factor or requirements have been fulfilled.


The final and most drastic measure of debt relief for an individual is to declare bankruptcy. For individuals, they can either file under chapter 7 or chapter 13 relief. Bankruptcy can discharge most types of debt but will have a catastrophic effect on an individual’s credits for years afterwards.

Giving You a Second Chance

If you are seeking options in debt relief, you will need the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy lawyer can use their experience and expertise to represent your interests and get you the results you need to start fresh.

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Debt Relief Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is debt relief?

Debt relief refers to an umbrella of services that are concerned with managing, minimizing, or eliminating debt for qualifying individuals. There are several forms of debt relief that an individual may qualify for including debt consolidation, credit counseling, bankruptcy, or debt forgiveness.

2. Does debt relief ruin your credit?

Depending on the type of debt relief sought or achieved, there can be a varying impact on an individual’s credit score. Credit counseling or debt consolidation are unlikely to have an impact on an individual’s credit score. By contrast, debt settlements can negatively impact credit scores and declaring bankruptcy can cause a credit score to plunge.

3. How long does debt relief take?

The amount of time to complete a debt relief program depends on the type of relief. For chapter 13 bankruptcy or debt settlement plans, the relief could take the form of years of agreed upon payments as part of a plan. Other debt relief methods such as debt management plans or debt consolidations will continue until the debt is paid. However some forms of debt relief, like applying for debt forgiveness or filing chapter 7 bankruptcy can be faster, if more dramatic, pathways.

4. How much does debt relief cost?

Debt relief can range in cost from free, to several hundreds or thousands of dollars. If a debt management company or bankruptcy attorney is retained, there may be additional costs incurred during the relief process.

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