Prenuptial Agreements: An Overview

By James Parker
June 16, 2021

Among the many procedures and decisions that are made following a marriage proposal, one of the less understood and sometimes overlooked practices is the use of prenuptial agreements. While not a requirement for marriages, prenuptial agreements can be the right choice for some couples looking to preserve the status quo.

A prenuptial agreement, also known as a prenup, is a short contract signed prior to a marriage. Broadly speaking, prenups cover several aspects of the future division of the couple’s assets whether through inheritance or divorce. 

A prenuptial agreement may be used to ensure that children of one spouse who existed before the marriage are able to inherit specific assets rather than the surviving spouse automatically receiving them. Additionally, prenups can be a useful tool for spelling out the terms of a potential divorce, clarifying the expected financial responsibilities going into the marriage, and protecting each spouse from the others’ debts if they are a potential risk. 

In general, a prenuptial agreement is a versatile tool that has many more uses than simply protecting spouses of significant wealth. If you are interested in creating a prenup for your marriage, you will need an experienced Family Law attorney. A Family Law attorney can provide you and your partner with a standard prenuptial agreement if you want something expedient, or they can help you craft a custom contract that addresses your unique needs. The best way to find an experienced, reliable Family Law attorney is with Attorney at Law.

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