Find Business Insurance Lawyer

Find Business Insurance Lawyer

Business Insurance

The best laid plans of any business are never enough to completely account for the possibilities that can arise in the course of operation. In the event that something unexpected and damaging occurs, many businesses will preemptively purchase business insurance.

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Protecting Organizations From Litigation

Business insurance is a financial policy that seeks to protect a company from devastating losses from specific, qualifying incidents. There are a number of business insurance uses including protection from medical malpractice.

Business Insurance Uses

Business insurance can protect a company from a variety of losses. Some examples of acts that can be covered by business include:

- Property damage
- Property loss
- Natural disaster
- Civil unrest

Additionally, there are some incidents that are considered “force majeure” or acts of god. Acts of god are severe incidents which no one could reasonably see coming or account for in the coverage of the event.

Business Insurance and Medical Malpractice

In addition to coverage related to crimes and natural disasters, business insurance can also cover employee-related litigation. Many medical businesses, such as clinics or hospitals, may be benefited by having business insurance that covers malpractice or other employee-related legal issues. Even with malpractice insurance, it is not necessarily guaranteed that the malpractice insurance will pay out for the claim.

Fighting to Keep Medical Rights

If you have had a malpractice claim filed and want to seek coverage under business insurance, you will need the help of an experienced medical malpractice law attorney. A private defense attorney is able to focus completely on your case and get you the best possible outcome.

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At AAL, we only partner with the best firms in your area, helping you find the best attorney for your case. Don’t wait, contact AAL today to be matched with skilled and experienced attorneys in your area who practice medical practice law.


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Business Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is business insurance?

Business insurance or commercial insurance is a financial policy that protects businesses from losses. Losses covered by business insurance can include those related to natural disasters, accidents, and litigation. Some business insurance policies can even cover liability for employee-related risks.

2. Can I file a business insurance claim?

If you have a business insurance policy, and an event occurs that is underwritten in the policy, then a claim may be made. If an event occurs that is not covered by your business insurance policy, then it is unlikely that a business insurance claim can be made.

3. Who can file a business insurance claim?

In general, business insurance claims can be filed by anyone with a valid business insurance policy. Even in the event that a claim is made, however, it is not necessarily true that the claim will be accepted or result in compensation.

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