Find Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

Find Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance is a continuous fact of adult life. Many industries including healthcare, vehicle maintenance, and end of life care, have plans that involve individuals paying into a plan in exchange for help and compensation when certain circumstances lead to a claim. However, sometimes insurers will deny a claim, even when the circumstances of the claim are explicitly covered by the policy. In this case, an individual may file a legal claim on the grounds of bad faith insurance.

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Protecting Injured Employees

Worker’s compensation exists for the benefit of the injured employee. Worker’s compensation is required by law but can vary from state to state. There are a number of worker’s compensation programs as well as certain considerations to take into account before choosing to accept the compensation.

Worker’s Compensation Programs

There are a number of worker’s compensation programs provided by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP). Some compensation programs include wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, and vocational rehabilitation.

Wage replacement benefits can be partial or complete and they are designed to provide auxiliary income while the employee is injured and unable to work. If people suffered injury as a direct result of their employment, worker’s compensation can also offer reimbursement for medical treatment. This reimbursement can be partial or total. A subtype of medical reimbursement can be paying for vocational rehabilitation or other types of physical or mental therapies in order to return the employee to functional status.

Considerations for Worker’s Compensation

While worker’s compensation can offer a variety of benefits for individuals who have been hurt on the job, there are some detractions that are worth considering before accepting worker’s compensation. For example, sometimes when accepting worker’s compensation people must agree to waive their right to file a lawsuit against their employer. Additionally, it may be required to submit to a test or insurance examination by the employer.

Fighting to Keep Medical Rights

If you have been denied the right to seek worker’s compensation and want to seek justice, you will need the help of an experienced employment law attorney. A private defense attorney is able to focus completely on your case and devote far more attention to your case than a public defender would be able to.

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Bad Faith Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is bad faith insurance?

Bad faith insurance refers to a series of actions an insurance company takes in an attempt to avoid covering eligible claims. Insurance companies that attempt to renounce their obligations to avoid covering an expense are said to be acting in bad faith. If it is proved, bad faith insurance can be grounds for compensation.

2. Can I file a bad faith insurance claim?

Any person who has attempted to file for insurance benefits and believes that the insurance company is engaging in bad faith practices can file a bad faith insurance claim. This can range on any topic from car insurance to malpractice insurance claims.

3. Who can file a bad faith insurance claim?

If an individual is denied insurance for a claim that should be covered under their policy, that individual may be able to file a legal claim alleging bad faith. Whether a bad faith claim succeeds will depend on the terms of the insurance contract and the circumstances of the claim.

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