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Only 25% of Yavapai County's land is privately owned. The remaining three quarters are publicly owned. The federal government owns approximately half the county, which includes four national forests. The Montezuma Castle National Monument, located in Yavapai County, is home to many well-preserved cliff dwellings built by the local inhabitants around 700 AD.

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Recently, the Arizona Attorney General filed a lawsuit in order to protect Yavapai County residents from fraud. Residents of Yavapai County received a letter looking official in the mail asking for $189 to reassess their property tax. Many people responded with checks hoping that their property taxes would drop in these difficult economic times. The deadline to reassess property taxes had passed, so the company was unable to keep its promise. The complaint also states that property taxes are not subject to a charge and that the company is trying to defraud Yavapai County residents. The lawsuit names a California-based company as the principal defendant.

Yavapai County has 236,000 residents and is Arizona’s fourth-most populous county.


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