Four Qualities That Make a Good DUI Lawyer

By James Parker
February 16, 2022

Not including the social stigma or embarrassment that comes with getting a DUI, there are two critical factors someone accused of driving while impaired will want to know in the immediate aftermath of their arrest. The first thing someone accused of DUI will likely want to know is how to select a good DUI attorney.

The second thing someone who has recently received a DUI will want to know is how much it will cost to resolve the misdemeanor. Generally, first-time offenses are misdemeanors, provided no serious injury has been sustained by another person. Getting a DUI is costly. Depending on where the defendant lives, a DUI can cost several thousand dollars or more in some states. In fact, the national average cost of a DUI is approximately $10,000.

But that cost may not include a rate hike on car insurance or missed work due to court appearances. And in some instances, this cost will not include attorneys’ fees. Some attorneys do not reveal the fact that if a DUI case goes to trial, the client will have to pay even more.

A good DUI lawyer possesses the following four traits:

  1. Practices DUI cases only – Not every DUI conviction will result in a trial. However, in case it does, it’s best to be represented by an attorney who has specialized in DUI cases rather than general law or another field.
  2. Informs the client of all costs upon consultation – An honest DUI attorney will provide the prospective client in writing of all the prospective costs of legal representation. This disclosure should include any prospective trial fees, should your case reach trial.
  3. Responds to questions in a timely manner – A bedrock of any profession, good communication is a prerequisite for DUI legal representation. Ethical DUI attorneys have a clear, open line of communication with their clients.
  4. Does not automatically advise taking a guilty plea – Attorneys with DUI clients who are financially unable to pay full legal fees sometimes advise taking a plea deal. A plea deal may involve paying a less expensive fine because the litigation is resolved sooner. However, in doing so, an expedited guilty plea may deny the accused of the best possible legal defense.

Where To Select a DUI Attorney

If you are facing a DUI charge, you will need a DUI attorney to help defend you. Unlike a standard public defender, a DUI attorney specializes in pleading down and dismissing charges like yours. Additionally, a private DUI attorney can give your case the full attention it deserves, expending the necessary time and resources to get you the best possible outcome.

Experienced DUI attorneys can be found at Attorney at Law.

At AAL, our nationwide network of attorneys and law firms allows us to match you with the best DUI attorney in your area. Our partners have the resources, legal expertise, and experience to get their clients the best results possible.

In addition to a distinguished case record, our partners excel in client care. We know how stressful a lawsuit can be, so our partners prioritize keeping you in the know while they work towards a swift solution for your case.

Don’t wait. Contact AAL today for a free, no-obligation consultation and set your life back on track.

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