Easter Law Firm

Easter Law Firm
Easter Law Firm

Easter Law Firm

806 West Battlefield Road, Springfield, Missouri, USA
Areas of expertise: Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death
15 years in practice
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About Easter Law Firm

Dealing with an injury can be difficult and overwhelming. Whether you were injured from a car wreck, injured while doing your job or injured after falling on someone else's property due to their negligence, you need expert guidance for your injury case. Medical providers do their best to fix the body, but often through a loss of a job or income, your financial health suffers as well. Food, housing and medical bills quickly pile up as you struggle to pay for them. Without proper compensation, you can begin to feel like you are on a sinking ship. Since 2003, I have dedicated my career to helping those who have been injured. I know the tactics many insurance companies and corporations use to avoid paying you what you are entitled to under the law. With our guidance, you can be confident your injury case will be taken care of properly. At Easter Law Firm, we fight to recover your compensation so you can focus on getting back to your life and your family.

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Easter Law Firm Areas Of Practice

Auto Accidents
Personal Injury
Wrongful Death

Easter Law Firm Reviews

Google Reviews


Shannon Woods

If you ever find yourself or a loved one needing representation for a personal injury case, Easter Law Firm is the firm to use!! From my first contact with the firm, my son and myself were treated with compassion and respect. I am forever grateful for the countless work they put into my son’s case- they truly fought for him and for the absolute best outcome possible.


Dixon Mark

I am posting this review on behalf of my good friend and church sister, Yvette McDaniels (as she doesn’t really use the Internet). The words are hers verbatim. She asked that I post them as her testimony of the help she received from Easter Law firm. – Mark Dixon December 21st, 2018 I was hit by a drunk driver. I had the green light and he tried to follow the car ahead of him and beat me at the light. He was not successful. Totaled my little white Honda I had only had for almost two years and had just got it fixed. He was very intoxicated and arrested. I was advised to get a “Good” lawyer by one of the firemen on the scene. I prayed and after various words and indicators (sent us 01/16/2019) led me to Joe Easter and his law firm and immediately there was a connection. I filed a police report and contacted my insurance provider. Because of the usual neck, back, and shoulder pain, from the angle of the collision and air bags deploying, I was advised and went to physical therapy for six weeks - February into March. But mid-April I noticed some new strange things. I couldn’t speak a whole sentence. I couldn’t write fluidly. I had to think before I could write my name. Same with texting. Several things happened plus my head was pounding. But the wakeup call came when, as I was coming down my hallway, I kept veering to the left into the wall. A retired nurse friend took me to urgent care. [The doctor there] made a call and got me an appointment for an MRI at the Martin Center the next day, the 25th of April. Long story short I had two major brain bleeds (front left and two small rear right). Bottom line, that same day I went across the street to Cox South and had brain surgery. Surgery on the two major. Foam put in to absorb the bleeding of the two smaller bleeds. I had called Mr. Easter before they took me down to ICU and updated them. Home 04/29/2019. Later an infection developed along the incision. 11/27/2019, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, another surgery to remove that part of my skull and set me up on antibiotics. Released 12/03/2019 but I had to go to I.V. antibiotic clinic (12/04/2019) for six weeks, last day 01/10/2020. When COVID eased up, I had replacement surgery 06/26/2020. I now have a metal plate, secured with titanium screws, in my head. Home 06/27/2020 to keep me from getting any kind of infection, including COVID. 07/20/2020 final appointment, stiches and staples removed. Lots of “If” instructions and I was released. Total six days ICU, total 7 days hospital. Joe, Cheryl, Diane, and Julie were with me every step of the way. They sent me flowers just because and for my birthday, #60. I was afraid and sometimes impatient, tired, and cranky. They were the exact opposite, kind and explained everything. The whole process concerning head injuries and various appointments for the settlement. One with a Life Care Plan Doctor, another with a neuropsychologist. they helped me obtain financial help to pay bills until everything was settled. Despite the opposition’s pressure and games they fought for me and got me a good settlement. But also, they cared. Called me to check on me and called my friend Judy when I was unavailable in ICU. Step by step, through every surgery procedure and follow-up appointment they were there. It wasn’t just business. They showed me they cared. Even called on weekends and holidays. Especially when I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in the I.V. clinic. We are now family. But the best thing, after I got the check, they still stood with me. Helped me through the conferences and hearings for the felony part of the accident. Their part was basically over but they stuck with me beyond their responsibilities and helped me through the rest of it. Finally, closure and peace and they stood by me through it all, even when they didn’t have to. I am truly appreciative and they were and are an awesome blessing. Thank you Joe, Cheryl, Diane, and Julie! Love and Prayers Yvette


Simon Lamar

Joe and his staff have been a pleasure to work with after my wife’s accident. We both felt very confident in the knowledge and professionalism that Joe exhibited and knew that we would be in good hands. The responsiveness of Joe and his professional staff made the entire process less stressful during my wife’s rehab and treatments. We were pleased with the results that Joe was able finalize for my wife. We would definitely recommend Easter Law Firm if you’re looking for a professional to represent you after an injury or accident.


Alicia Fritsche

I chose Easter Law Firm at the recommendation of someone close to me who had nothing but good things to say. I had called around to a few other places prior and had been told that my case was better suited elsewhere without taking the time to meet with me. I had the pleasure of having my initial consultation with Cheryl Hom who instantly made me feel like she truly cared and was hearing what I said. Throughout the process this office has been extremely on top of communication and making sure I understood what was going on. They truly fight for their claimants and are amazing at what they do.


Jake Turner

Easter Law Firm has helped many of my friends and family. He knows why he is doing, makes it all make sense and is one of the few that not only is excellent at what he does but cares about you. The client. That is a rare thing in today’s world. I recommend him and his tea without hesitation!

Easter Law Firm Locations

806 West Battlefield Road, Springfield, Missouri, USA


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Easter Law Firm Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Easter Law Firm located?

Easter Law Firm is located at 806 West Battlefield Road, Springfield, Missouri, USA.

What are Easter Law Firm areas of expertise?

Easter Law Firm areas of expertise are: Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death.

How many years is Easter Law Firm in practice?

Easter Law Firm is in practice for 15 years.

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