Marriage is a huge commitment. While couples begin optimistically, they can drift apart, or succumb to external stressors only to discover their partner is unable to support them. Whatever the reason, when a couple has endured as much as they are able to, they may look to divorce to dissolve their union. 

While these proceedings are often portrayed as harsh or bitter, this does not have to be the case. In cases where there are no pets or children, or large joint investments, the divorce can be a simple and painless process. If, however, there are children, pets, a mortgage, or an automobile involved in the dissolution of the marriage, disputes may occur. 

When a complex separation looms, it can fall to an attorney to help advocate for the individuals involved in order to achieve the best ends possible. There is a process to divorce, as with any legal procedure, and an attorney can assist in making the process painless. 

Before the dissolution can be processed, both parties must file their petition to divorce. This petition asserts the reasons for the separation and that the parties are legally able to get divorced in their state. The petition can either be filed as a no-fault divorce, in which both parties assert that there is no specific reason for the divorce, or a fault divorce in which one party alleges that some misconduct, such as abuse, adultery, or neglect has directly contributed to the divorce. A no-fault divorce is a simpler affair while a fault divorce could result in more drastic settlement conditions.

Once the petition is filed, the former spouses may file temporary requests for child custody, child support, or spousal support while the trial proceeds. During the proceedings, the former spouses will have the opportunity to negotiate custody and financial support options. But if there is an issue on which the former spouses will not agree, they may go to a divorce trial to resolve the issues. In the end, after any trial proceedings and negotiations, the divorce will formalize and the marriage will be dissolved.

If you are considering a divorce, you will need to consult an experienced family law attorney who can help to inform you of your options and best course of action. To find the best family law attorney in your area, contact Attorney at Law

At AAL, our nationwide network of attorneys and law firms can pair you with an attorney who understands your situation, local laws, and the court in which you will be fighting. Our partners put you and your situation first and will handle your affair with the delicacy that this occasion deserves. 

Don’t wait. Contact AAL today for a free, no obligation consultation and begin your journey to peace of mind.

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